2022 YBA Recipient

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2022 Young Breeder Award

Abbie & Andrew Evans and Michala Kuhlman, Little Meadows, PA

Congratulations to Abbie and Andrew Evans and Michala Kuhlman for receiving the 2022 Brown Swiss Young Breeder Award. The accomplishments these young people have made in the registered Brown Swiss industry in a relatively short time are truly amazing. A combination of hard work, determination and a great love of the dairy cow have propelled them to be very deserving of this award.

The present herd of 40 cows was started about 20 years ago when Abbie purchased two Brown Swiss heifer calves for a junior project. These animals are the foundation of two remarkable cow families that are still an important influence in their herd today. When growing up Abbie’s family did not have milking animals on their farm; therefore, her animals were farmed out to other dairymen. She did not let this situation prevent her from continuing to breed and develop the outstanding herd of cattle they have today. After joining forces with Andrew, they were able to rent a barn and establish an operating dairy.

A huge factor in Abbie, Andrew, and Michala’s success has been evidenced by their accomplishments in the showring. Participation has been at the local, state, and national level. Their cattle have had numerous All-American nominations, both as individuals and group members. Seven members from Abbie’s foundation calf, Towpath Star Cara, have been nominated since 2014, and there are six generations of this family still in the present herd.

It should be noted that they now are giving back as they lease calves to young junior members each year. Abbie uses social media to encourage kids to take time to lead, groom, and work with their animals daily as this will pay huge dividends as we approach the upcoming show season. As members of the New York Brown Swiss Association, Abbie and Andrew were involved in the steering committee for the 2019 National Convention.

Abbie, Andrew, and Michala serve as an inspiration to all young people interested in developing a dairy on their own. While selfstarting an operation in this business is extremely difficult, this hardworking, enterprising family persevered and were able to successfully become quality Brown Swiss breeders. Abbie, Andrew, and Michala are well-deserving of this recognition.