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National Membership


Why become a National Adult Member?

  • Vote on Membership issues important to your breed
  • Receive reduced registration rates
  • Participate in All-American Contest
  • Apply for Young Breeder Award
  • Receive discount for being both state and national member
  • Be recognized for production awards
  • Make valuable lifelong friendships

National Membership

If you own a registered Brown Swiss animal, including RF, ID and IDR females, you are eligible for membership within the National Brown Swiss Association. Memberships may be obtained for an individual person, farm or family, partnership (syndicate), corporation or estate/trust.

National Junior Member to Adult Member
If a National Junior Member applies for Adult Membership before the end of the year of his/her 21st birthday, they will receive a reduced fee for the one transitional year.

State-At-Large membership
A state-at-large membership is available for Brown Swiss breeders who do not have a state association. State-at-large members receive the same discounts as members who do have a state association. 

Associate Membership
Any trustworthy and careful person, corporation, partnership, estate, trust or other legal entity interested in Brown Swiss may apply. An associate member does not need to own a Brown Swiss animal but does not have voting rights or other membership benefits. This membership may address the Association at the annual meeting to determine programs and policies. 

Reserving a Prefix

Reserving a prefix is a good way to familiarize other breeders with your farm and cattle.  A prefix should be reserved prior to registering Brown Swiss animals.  

Prefix Rules

  • Prefix cannot be in use by another breeder, unless national office receives written permission from the owner of the reserved prefix.
  • Prefix should be limited to 15 letter spaces.
  • Prefix can be distinctive part of a farm name, but not a name that pertains to known and established Brown Swiss bloodlines.
  • The words "Swiss"-"Farm"-"Dairy" or "Ranch" cannot be part of any Prefix.
  • Names in common usage cannot be part of a prefix.
  • Single words that may be used in combination to form a prefix cannot be reserved.
  • No duplication or slight change in spelling of a reserved prefix is permitted.
  • The Executive Secretary has the authority to reject a prefix too similar to a reserved prefix. (Applicant can appeal to the board, whose decision is final.)

NOTE: Junior Membership information and application are found on the Youth menu.

Recent Bylaw Amendments