National Shows

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Upcoming Shows

September 16-20, 2023
Pennsylvania All American Dairy Show, Harrisburg, PA
Eastern National Jr BS Show - Sept 18
Eastern National BS Show - Sept 20

October 1-6, 2023
World Dairy Expo, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI
International BS Show - Oct 3-4

October 14-15, 2023
Texas State Fair, Dallas, TX

October 19-21, 2023
Heart of America Expo, Stillwater, OK
Southwestern National BS Show - Oct 20-21

November 2-6, 2023
North American International Livestock Exposition (NAILE), Louisville, KY
Southeastern National BS Jr Show - Nov 2
Southeastern Nationbal BS Show - Nov 4-5


The Tanbark Trail

Whether at a local or national level, from the first shows ever held -- up through today, shows have been a means for breeders to promote their cattle to other breeders. It is an important part of marketing that can also be the fun part of dairy farming.

Shows are common around the world-North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In the Brown Swiss breed, it starts with the local canton show, then state shows and fairs on up to regional and national shows. The first national show was held over 100 years ago and they are still going strong today.

Five National Shows

Currently the National Association hosts five national shows from coast to coast in the US. They are:

The International show, held as part of World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, is the largest show. Each year, more than 300 head of Brown Swiss are shown and the show attracts visitors from around the world.

National Show Reports


One of the most important programs connected to showing is the All-American contest. Each year, an All-American, a Reserve All-American and an Honorable Mention All-American animal or group is selected for each of the 20 different show classes. The winners are selected based on the current year’s show winnings from national shows or any of 30 qualifying shows in the U.S. and Canada. Being named All-American is a great honor and adds to the pedigree value of the animal and her family.

One of the most important aspects of showing is the youth involvement.  Showing is a learning experience that is both competitive and fun. For most people in the dairy industry, their love of the dairy cow, work ethics, and goals in life were cultivated at a young age by showing a calf at the local fair.

Genomic Merit Award

The Genomic Merit Award will be presented to the highest genomic heifer at a national show. The award will be based on a combination of genomic PPR, genomic NM$, and the show placing. This is a new award inaugurating with the National Heifer Show in 2017 and will be implemented at the National Heifer Show & the International Show in 2018.  Entrant must stand in the top 10 of their class to qualify and a copy of the genomic results must be submitted to the national office 30 days prior to show date.

Winner of Genomic Merit Heifer Award

Following is a List of the Qualifying Shows:

  • International, World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI
  • Eastern National, All-American Dairy Show, Harrisburg, PA
  • Northeast National, Eastern States Exposition, W Springfield, MA
  • Southeastern National, NAILE, Louisville, KY
  • Southwest National, Heart of America Expo, Stillwater, OK

The winner of a futurity will qualify for the All-American Contest if the futurity is held as part of a listed qualifying show.

  • California State Fair, Sacramento, CA
  • Florida State Fair, Tampa, FL
  • Georgia National, Perry, GA
  • Illinois State Fair, Springfield, IL
  • Indiana State Show & Fair, Indianapolis, IN
  • Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA
  • Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS
  • Kentucky State Fair, Louisville, KY
  • Kentucky State Show, Liberty, KY
  • Maryland State Fair, Timonium, MD
  • Michigan Summer Show, East Lansing, MI
  • Mid-Atlantic Invitational Show, Frederick, MD
  • Midwest Brown Swiss Show, Monroe, WI
  • Minnesota State Show & Fair, St. Paul, MN
  • Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, MO
  • New York Spring Show, Syracuse, NY
  • New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY
  • New York State Show, Hamburg, NY
  • North Carolina State Fair & Show, Raleigh, NC
  • Northeast All Breeds Show, W. Springfield, MA
  • Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH
  • Ohio State Show, Centerville, OH
  • Ozark Empire Fair, Springfield, MO
  • Pennsylvania Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA
  • South Dakota State Fair, Huron, SD
  • SE MN Brown Swiss National, Rochester, MN
  • Southwestern Livestock Expo, Ft. Worth, TX
  • State Fair of Texas, Dallas, TX
  • Vermont State Show, New Haven, VT
  • Western Washington Fair, Puyallup, WA
  • Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis, WI
  • Wisconsin State Show, West Salem, WI
  • Must be 40 or more head of Brown Swiss to be judged
  • Show must be approved by the Board of Directors
  • AND a Show Report must be sent to the national Brown Swiss office

Please have your dairy show superintendent or state association secretary send BSCBA the results from your Brown Swiss shows.