Junior Show Rules

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National Junior Show Rules


  1. Junior must be 8 - 21 years of age by January 1 of the current year.
  2. No special entries are required except the Harrisburg and Louisville junior shows.  Junior should complete the normal open division entries.
  3. Identified females: RF, ID or IDR animals are not eligible to be shown.
  4. a.  In all classes, the recorded ownership must show in the sole ownership of the exhibitor or partnership comprised of only BSA Junior Members.  (Adult-Junior and family farm partnerships are not acceptable.)  All transfers and recorded ownership must be dated by August 1st of the current year for all classes.  If joint ownership, one of the owners must be declared the exhibitor during check-in.  Awards will be presented as one unit, to all owners equally.  
    b.  Animals that are leased through the National Brown Swiss Association Lease Program (recorded by June 1st of current year) are also eligible to be shown as juniors.  The leased animal's recorded owner will receive open show awards.  
  5. Junior must be a National Junior Member (see Junior Programs/Junior Membership). 

Procedures To Be Completed Before the Show

  1. A representative of the national association will check the registration papers for junior-exhibited animals the day before the show.   This is in addition to the “check-in” done by Show Management. 
  2. To compete for production awards, the production records must be submitted to the national office at least two weeks prior to show date.
  3. Each junior will receive a shirt to wear when showing in the Junior Show.


  1. In junior shows, the junior member who owns the animal is to show her.  If the owner cannot attend the show, another National Brown Swiss Association junior member may show the animal.  Also, in a class where a junior member owns more than one animal; another National Brown Swiss Association junior member may show the second animal
  2. If for some reason the junior is having trouble showing the animal, another junior may assist but the junior owner must continue to accompany the animal.
  3. At shows where open and junior owned animals are shown together, after the class is lined up, the juniors will be asked to take a step forward to be recognized.

Ribbons & Champion Selection

  1. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons provided.
  2. Junior Show Production awards are based on the highest 305d 2x ECM record and are provided to junior-owned animals in the Senior-Two-, Junior-Three-, Senior-Three-, Four-, Five-Year-Old, Aged, and Component Merit Cow classes.  The award goes to the cow with the highest 305d ECM record irregardless of placing.
  3. A Junior and Reserve Junior Champion, Senior and Reserve Senior Champion, and Grand and Reserve Grand Champion will be selected at all National Junior Shows.  The procedure for selection, whether or not to ask the second-place animals to return to the ring, will be left to Show Management.
  4. If the show is split between two days, Junior Champion of the Junior Show may be selected on the day that the heifer classes are shown.
  5. Senior and Grand Champion and Reserves are selected immediately following the cow classes.