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Brown Swiss is recognized are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. The Brown Swiss Cattle breed originated in the mountain tops of northeast Switzerland before historic records began. Bones found in the ruins of Swiss lake dwellers date back to around 4000 B.C., according to some historians, and resemble the skeleton of today's Brown Swiss cow.  Originally imported to the United States from Switzerland in 1869, Braunvieh (brown cows) were known as a triple-purpose breed: dairy, beef, and draft animals.  Today's US Brown Swiss have been bred to accentuate the dairy qualities of the breed.


2022 - The US Brown Swiss Association hosts the 2022 World Brown Swiss Conference in conjunction with the International BS Show and World Dairy Expo. Sixteen countries were represented at the conference.

2022 - Cutting Edge Stratus Sue is named the new Fat and Protein Champion of the breed!  Stratus Sue's winning record is:  09/06 365d 2X 60,550m 6.8% 4,097f 3.6% 2,208p.  She beat the previous fat record by over 480 lbs.and the previous protein record by over 170 lbs.  Stratus Sue is owned by Ron Kelm, Markesan, WI.

2021 - Cutting Edge Thunder Faye won Reserve Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo.

2019 - Delilah was again named Supreme Champion over all breeds at World Dairy Expo.  She sold at the Elite Dairy Dispersal for $210,000, making her the highest-selling US Brown Swiss.

2018 - Cutting Edge T Delilah won Supreme Champion over all breeds at the Pennsylvania All American Dairy Show (Eastern National). Also, Cutting Edge T Delilah became the fourth Brown Swiss to win Supreme Champion over all breeds at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. She also was the second cow ever to win Supreme in both the open and junior shows at World Dairy Expo.

2014 - Glad Ray EJ Paris, owned by Henry Farms & Wayne E. Sliker, OH, became the U.S. All-Breeds Leader for Combined Fat & Protein!  Paris is the First U.S. Brown Swiss Cow to Exceed  400,000 Pounds of Milk!

2014 - R N R Supreme Janna, owned by Ron & Renee Michalovich, Lakeville, OH, is the new Breed Fat Champion.  Janna's winning lactation:  4/04 365d 2X 50,830m 7.1% 3.613f 3.2% 1,632p.

2013 - Frosted Sieg Wammy ET, owned by Fairdale Farm, KY, won Supreme Champion of all breeds at Southeast National, Louisville, KY.

2011 - Current - Lost Elm Prelude Pixy ET is the new breed leader for milk, fat and protein. At 9 years of age and 365 days in milk, she produced 65,430 pounds of milk, 3,557 pounds of fat, and 2,031 pounds of protein.

2010 - Meudts Spartan Sunny became the breed Fat Champion at 5-09, with a 365-day record on 3 times per day milking of 53,420 pounds of milk, 6.3% fat, 3387 pounds of fat, 3.2% protein and 1727 pounds of protein. Sunny was owned by Sunburst Swiss of DeForest, Wisconsin.

2008 - Lost Elm Prelude Pixy ET, owned by Jason Luttropp, Berlin, Wisconsin set a new breed record for milk and fat. Calving at 4-10, in her third lactation, Pixy produced a 365-day record of 58,826 pounds of milk, 3,286 pounds of fat, and 1,889 pounds of protein.

2007 - Lime-Rock Frolic Jiggy replaced Shatzi as the breed fat champion with her 1-11 365-day record of 37,970 pounds of milk, 2824 pounds of fat, and 1226 pounds of protein. Jiggy was owned by Amanda Lee of DeForest, Wisconsin.

2007 - Sun-Made Jetway Shatzi ET (M*) was the new breed champion for Milk, Fat and Protein. At 8-02 in 365 days on 2 times per day milking, Shatzi produced 54,360 pounds of milk, 2766 pounds of fat, and 1903 pounds of protein. She was owned by Kent Thompson of Viroqua, Wisconsin.

2003 - Old Mill E Snickerdoodle, bred by Allen Bassler Jr., Upperville, VA, became the third Brown Swiss Cow to receive Supreme Champion of All Breeds at World Dairy Expo. Currently 15 years old, Snickerdoodle '4E94' won Reserve Supreme Champion of All Breeds at WDE in 2008 and 2009.


2000 - The US Bown Swiss Assocation hosted the World Brown Swiss Conference in conjunction with World Dairy Expo.

1998 - BSA program is initiated as the BSCBA’s total service program, including DHIR testing, classification, registrations and membership and Bulletin subscriptions. BSA included 10,548 cows and more than 200 herds in 2010.

1994 - Hoosier Knoll Jade Monay won Supreme Champion of All Breeds at World Dairy Expo, becoming the second Brown Swiss cow to receive this honor.

1989 - Lyndale Convincer Elaine won Supreme Champion of All Breeds at World Dairy Expo for the second time.

1988 - Lyndale Convincer Elaine became the first Brown Swiss cow to win Supreme Champion of All Breeds at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.


1980 - The US Brown Swiss Association hosted the World Brown Swiss Symposium.

1971 - The PTPR (Production and Type Performance Registry) Program was established. It includes DHIR testing and classification. PTPR still honors a top herd in each of four herd-size divisions and gives recognition to cows finishing with the highest 305-day ME in milk, fat and protein.

1969 - Brown Swiss Enterprises Inc. was established to serve as the BSCBA’s marketing division. It has served to connect buyers and sellers of embryos, semen and animals across the country and the world. For more than 25 years, the entity has conducted the Premier Showcase Sale at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

1969 - The Identity Enrollment Program was initiated as a way to upgrade animals not of purebred descent so offspring could be registered in the Official Herd Book, in a three-generation process.

1938 - The Parade of Champions was first begun at the National Dairy Show. The first and second place animal in each of the cow classes and the Junior and Reserve Junior Champion female donned a Swiss bell and the leadsmen wore colorful Swiss milking shirts as they paraded around the ring for the audience. This tradition can still be witnessed at any of the Brown Swiss National Shows. At World Dairy Expo, the Parade of Champions also includes Swiss Yodelers. 

1936 - The Brown Swiss Association purchased the building at 800 Pleasant Street for $3500 plus $28.56 for taxes and $2 for air and water right of ways.

1932 - Jane of Vernon, bred by the late Orbec Sherry of Viroqua, Wisconsin, wins Grand Champion honors for the first time at a National Brown Swiss Show. She also won Grand Champion at National Shows in 1933, 1934, and 1936.


Deemed “The Mother of the Brown Swiss Breed,” Jane of Vernon lived from 1928 to 1945; 17 years.  Most Brown Swiss alive today can be traced back to this magnificent cow.

1922 - The Brown Swiss Bulletin was first published.

1882 - George W. Harris, Wethersfield, Connecticut, and Nelson Scott, Worcester, Massachusetts, imported 1 bull and 9 females to the United States. George Harris’ grandson George G. Harris would eventually become the BSCBA’s Secretary-Treasurer.

1880 - The first cow, Zurich and the first bull, William Tell were recorded in the Brown Swiss herd book. The animals registered in today’s herd book are descendants of about 150 importations from Switzerland.

1880 - A small group of Brown Swiss breeders from Worcester, Massachusetts, created The Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association of the U.S.A.

1869 - Henry M. Clark of Belmont, Massachusetts, brought the first Brown Swiss, 7 pregnant heifers and 1 bull, to the United States by boat in 1869-1870, from the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland.

1856 - Today’s Brown Swiss Association Office Building was constructed at 800 Pleasant Street, Beloit, Wisconsin. It was originally a paper mill organized by Rock River Paper Company.