Parentage & Genetic Testing

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Parentage testing done via submission of a CLEAN hair sample with 30-40 bulbs. A hair card will be issued with registration of a bull. Please allow about one-month for results. Samples need to be submitted to GENESEEK (Lab) by the 5th of the month to receive results the following month. Please submit early to guarantee results. Breeders will be notified of parentage conflict either by email or telephone call. All animals must be registered prior to request for a parentage or genomic kit. 


All Males are required to be parentage tested via genomic testing at the time of registration.  The cost of the kit is included in the registration fee of $55.  This parentage test does not include receiving a complete genomic evaluation.  All bulls registered after June 1, 2020, will require parentage verification to be completed before any offspring out of the bull can be registered.Please notify the office if your animal is being genomic tested or you plan to test it through an A.I organization.  Receiving a full genomic evaluation requires an additional Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding fee, which is based on the herd's data quality plus the SNP fee.  If you would like to receive a full genomic evaluation for your bull, e-mail with the animal's registration number, herd code and whether or not you are on BSA and/or classify. 

*Note: These rates only apply for breeders in the U.S. For International pricing, contact Igenity. NOTE:  For any male going into A.I., an SMA test is also required and DNA is recommended.


Parentage verification of females costs $50. This price is the same for BSA & non-BSA members. Any IVF or ET donor is required to have Parentage Verification before embryo recovery sheets/resulting offspring may be registered. When a cow is flushed, a genomics hair or tissue sample should be sent to GENESEEK for parentage verification.  

Ordering a Parentage Test Kit

The animal must be registered first. If there is uncertainty with parentage, with an application for registry include the options for possible parents and date of birth and tattoo number. The office must be notified of this uncertainty in parentage. If a bull is being collected, a female is being flushed or parentage verification is wanted on a registered animal, please provide the name and registration number. Samples must be submitted to the authorized lab to complete Genomic testing and be received by the 5th of each month in order to receive parentage results in a timely fashion. To order a test kit, contact Igenity at  Please DO NOT send samples to the Brown Swiss office. 

Random Parentage Verification

The Brown Swiss Association randomly parentage verifies every 1000th female registered using genomic testing. The Executive Secretary may also request parentage verification on any animal at any time. Any animal selected for random testing is required to have a sample submitted to the lab. 


DNA Testing


A new DNA testing form is available on the website to use for various DNA requests. The form may be downloaded, saved and emailed with signature to It also may be printed by selecting the print button. The form is interactive and on-line, so please remember that no changes will be saved unless you download the form to your desktop. It is recommended to download and save the original version of the form and to update and save copies with each animal prior to emailing it to the office as an attachment. This way you will have the form available to you at all times!

A reminder that before DNA kits are sent, payment is required via check, credit card or credit card on file. These options are available to check on the form.

Please contact the Office Manager or Registration Specialist for parentage testing requests and results. For questions on specific animals, e-mail or call 608-365-4474, extension 22.

Send DNA samples to: BVLabs, PO Box 670, PMB 19, Lewiston, NY 14092

Click Here to view the DNA Testing Request Form.

Genomic Testing

Instructions and forms for Dairy Genomic Testing are available from Igenity at

How to Order Igenity® for Dairy

Step 1: Determine the best testing option.

(view Igenity Dairy Product Comparison) (View Igenity Dairy Traits List)

The Igenity Dairy Heifer Program offers a complete portfolio of genomic testing solutions to meet the needs of your operation.  Please contact your Neogen® or Merck Animal Health representative to get started with Igenity.

Step 2: Order a test kit.

Sampling units can be ordered through With your sampling units, you will receive information on taking samples and submission information.

To order testing supplies, go to  or call 877-443-6489.

They offer test kits for:

Step 3: Send samples to Neogen's laboratory.

Take your samples and send them to Neogen's laboratory. Be sure to properly identify your samples and send the electronic submission form to, plus review the requirements for 17-day turnaround time guarantee to receive your results sooner. Once your samples arrive, you will get an e-mail from Neogen letting you know they will begin processing.

Blood or tissue samples (TSU) qualify for discount pricing.

If using hair, please send 30-50 clean tail hair strands with root bulbs attached to GeneSeek with your kit. (Hair does not qualify for discount and is not eligible for the 17-day turnaround guarantee as it takes longer to complete the test.)

Send genomic/parentage samples to : GeneSeek Inc., ATTN: Samples, 4131 N. 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68504.

Step 4: See results and implement an action plan.

Your results will be sent in the format specified by your electronic submission form. Results can be returned via your data management software, .pdf, Excel, or through Igenity Dashboard. Use your login name and password to access your results via Igenity sales representatives will be happy to help you interpret your results to meet your herd goals. Click to see the description of the Genomic result fields.

Igenity Dairy Heifer Program Form Instructions (.xslx file)

Igenity Dairy Select Submission Form (.xlsm file)

NeoGen/GeneSeek Customer Service: 402-435-0665

Igenity Testing Kit Costs

Blood Cards (Min. 10)

$1.25 each

$12.50 (10 cards)

Hair Cards (Min. 10)

$1.75 each

$17.50 (10 cards)

Tissue Sample Units (TSU) (Min. 10)

$2.70 each

$27.00 (10 TSU)

Applicator for TSU

$80.00 each


To order testing supplies, go to  or call 877-443-6489.

Igenity Pricing

Igenity Select(CDCB Parentage) - GGP (65K)

$42.00 Non-Discount

$ Discount

**Discount prices are for Tissue and Blood Samples; Non-Discount prices are for Hair Samples only.**

Breeders will be assessed CDCB fees according to the quality of records the herd provides, with BSA members receiving the biggest discount. When calling or emailing Igenity to request a genomic test, the breeder’s herdcode and whether or not on BSA and classification programs will need to be provided. Select testing include haplotype results for BH2, BH14, SMA, SDM, Weaver, and Polled.

Additional Tests Available (added cost)

A2 Beta Casein  (add-on test)



 Y-chromosome  (add-on test)(admixture=possible freemartin)  Select  $5.00

Dairy Breeding Stock Traits



Dairy Recessive Traits



Dairy Milk Proteins



Red highlighted testing options are stand-alone tests that do not require other testing.

CDCB Rate Code Service Fees for Genomic Evaluations (Required)

*All animals receiving a genomic evaluation will be subject to the following fees.  CDCB genomic fees are structured so that those who are providing the most data of the greatest value to the cooperator database are rewarded for their contribution. Fees listed below for males are in addition to the $50 registration cost, which includes the cost of parentage.

Rate Code 1   Total Program - BSA (DHI Production & Classification & Health Records)
Rate Code 2    Member -  DHI Production & Classification or Health Records)
Rate Code 3    Member -  DHI ONLY (Production testing)
Rate Code 5    Non-Member - NO BSA or DHI or CLASSIFICATION or HEALTH (No records)

Rate Code Kind of Participation Female Fee Male Initial Fee Male A.I.Service Fee
1 Total Program $0.00 $25.00 $575.00
2 Member $1.00 $50.00 $575.00
3 Member $2.00 $75.00 $575.00
4 Member $3.00 $75.00 $575.00
5 Non-Member $4.00 $100.00 $575.00