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Brown Swiss Advantage Program (BSA)

Brown Swiss Advantage (BSA) is a total service program that reduces cost to the breeder by encompassing the major sectors of the Brown Swiss Association. All Animals recorded with the Association are included under this program. (This includes RF, ID, IDR, IE, CIE and official herd book registration animals.) To Participate in BSA, breeders must be on official DHIR/DHIA test.

Why should I sign up for BSA?

SAVE MONEY on Registrations, Classification, Membership, Subscriptions and be eligible for Production Awards. When you submit your application, be sure to include the DRPC and herdcode. Dairy Records Processing Centers to choose from are: AgSource, DRMS (Raleigh), Agritech and Provo.


BSA- All heifer calves less than 6 months of age, including RF, ID and IDR animals will be registered free of charge

BSA-Maximum registration fee of $15 for ET females or $20 for females more than 6 months of age for BSA. Step 1 ID animal registration fee of $10.  (rates as of 1/1/2023)
National Member fee: Under 6 months-$25
National Member fee: Over 6 mos.-$35-$70; ID Registration-$10


BSA-One yearly herd classification of all freshened females and (BSA only) a reduced rate of $9.50/cow for 2nd herd classification.
National Member fee: $135 minimum or $21/animal


BSA-DHIR production testing and production records on pedigrees
Production recognition- "How They're Doin" and "Class Leaders & Protein Plus Cows"
Cows (IE+) eligible for recognition of Elite, Certified and Superior Brood Cow status.


BSA-A one-year Brown Swiss Association National Membership.
National Member fee: $40


BSA-One-year Brown Swiss Bulletin and Performance Summary subscriptions
National Member fee: Bulletin-$40; Performance Summary-$25 ($60 Combined)

Cost of BSA Program (effective 1/1/2023)

Herd Fee: $135 Discount (if paid by January 31) 3%
Per Cow Fee (1-50 cows): $20.50 (BSA)
Per Cow Fee (51-100 cows): $19.00 (BSA)
Per Cow Fee (101-200 cows): $18.00 (BSA)
Per Cow Fee (201+ cows): $17.00 (BSA)

Register Early!

BSA Application 2023

BSA Application 2024             Fillable Application

Note: The Production & Type Performance Registry (PTPR) program was discontinued effective January 1, 2020.

Don't forget your DRPC & Herdcode!

Which DRPC do I send my test records to?

There are four Dairy Records Processing Centers from which to choose for your test day records. This portion of the BSA Application needs to be completed in order to receive herd inventories for classification.

Your choices are: