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June 26, 2024
Elite Dairy II Dispersal Sale, Copake, NY

July 6, 2024
Swissconsin National Convention Sale, Du Pere/Green Bay, WI

October 2, 2024
World Premier Sale, WDE, Madison, WI

October 17, 2024
Heart of America Sale, Stillwater, OK


World Premier Sale

October 4, 2023 – Madison, WI

This vintage of the World Premier Sale saw 41 Lots sell to 33 buyers from 14 states and 3 provinces of Canada. The average was $5649.39 on live animals and choices of flush. 22 Embryos sold for an average price of $1552.27 per embryo. Brown Swiss Enterprises, Inc., managed the sale with Norman C. Magnussen reading pedigrees, Adam Fraley handling the gravel. Collecting bids were Lee Barber, Dan Gilbert, Dennis Mashek, Brian Garrison, Joe Sparrow, and Jake Hushon. Presenting the cattle were Abby and Allison Foss with assistance from Reid Tanis. Jason Robinson headed the sale crew of The Curtis Barber Quintet with Eric Paschal for a nine-day engagement at World Dairy Expo.

6224 L-R: Norm Magnussen, Kristyn Jerome, herd manager,
Tenley Chittenden, Kylie Chittenden, consignors, Dan Gilbert.

Topping the offerings at $19,500 was an IVF session of 8 embryos from Perry Brook J Lulu Lemon ETV P. Lemon, sired by Trout Hilltop Jordy ETV P, at +208 is the #8 PPR 8/23 heifer and the highest PPR polled Brown Swiss in the USA. Her dam Perry Brook Lucky India is the #1 PPR cow, her maternal brother Perry Brook P Crazy Horse is the #1 PPR bull and his full sister Lulu is the #1 PPR heifer. ST Genetics, TX, purchased this special offering. The consignor was Kylie Chittenden, Richville Farm, VT.

6220 L-R: Consignors Dave & Josee Rousseau, Buyer Fred Mathys, Fancy Body, Abby Foss,
Adam Fraley, Dan Gilbert, Norm Magnussen

Next in line at $14,800 was Lot 23 Brown Heaven Norwin Fancy Body ET 3/23. This Norwin from Brown Heaven Farm, QC, Canada, has a 2E91 dam who is a Jongleur daughter of Glenn Fantasy 2E97, 2-time Grand Champion at World Dairy Expo. Fancy Body was selected by Fred Mathys, MB, Canada.

Two young heifers tied at $12,000 each.

6252 L-R: Jaiden Stull, Molly King representing buyer Nor-Bella Swiss, D Denise, Abby Foss,
Dan Gilbert, Norm Magnussen

Edge View D Denise ETV 12/22. This straight-lined Doboy daughter of Cutting Edge T Delilah 2E95, the back-to-back Supreme Champion sold to Nor Bella Acres, ON, Canada. The consignment of Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion, Copake, NY.

6233 L-R: Tanner Mashek, Norm Magnussen, D Twirl, Allison Foss, Adam Fraley, Dan Gilbert

Hilltop Acres D Twirl ETV 9/22. An eye catcher at +154 PPR to go along with +1.0 PTAT and +1.25 UDC caused for spirited bidding. When the dust settled, Peter Vail, Mile High Genetics, FL, is the new owner of this Tanner Mashek, Calmer, IA, consignment.

Other High Sellers include:

Perry Brook Rastarok Tiana ETV 4/23 - $8700

Buyer: ST Genetics, Navasota, TX

Seller: Kylie Chittenden, Richville Farm, VT.

Brothers Three DLX Wynnie ETV 12/22 - $8500

Buyer: Jack Moore & Jason Demay, Palmyra, NY

Seller: Read Tanis, Bethlehem, PA.

Kulp-Gen Pactole Debbie ET 6/22 - $7200

Buyer: Pine Tree Dairy, Marshallville, OH

Seller: David & Anne Kulp, Manheim, PA

Edge View F Tactful ETV 9/22 - $6500

Buyer: Hill-N-Hollow Farm, Red Hook, NY

Seller: Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion, Copake, NY.

45th Heart of America Sale

HOA Committee

Oct. 19, 2023 / Stillwater, OK

33 Head ave. $2813.24

As expected, quality was offered and it showed. 15 head from the sale were presented in the Southwest National show the following 2 days.  Three head collected Blue ribbons for the new owners.

Ed Wittorf, Roland Stewart, Rob Landgraf, Nate Goldenberg, Jones Smith, Jim Hammerhand, Clay Toews

Topping the sale was Robland ACC Norwin Bali ETV 12/22 full sister to last years All American Sr 3yr Robland Norwin Bermuda ET E93/93ms. She was consigned by Robrt Landgraf, Jackson, MO and purchased by Jr member Theo Goldenberg, Waco, Tx for $10,000.

2nd high seller was Kruses Salsa Bonnie ETV 9/21. She is a daughter of Kruses Victor Jitterbug ET E91. The consignment of Pocket Acres, Epworth, IA was just fresh. She won the Sr 2yr class on Saturday for her buyer Frosted Beauty Swiss, Epworth, IA selling for $6100.00.

3rd high at $5300.00 was the 1st choice Fe of 4 Sept.

 2023 Hilltop Acres D Kickstart daughters of Voelkers Durango Sasha 4E94 Res All Am Sr 3yr 2016 with over 195,000 lifetime milk. Kayla Kiley, Fitchburg, WI was the buyer of this Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion consignment from Copake, NY

4th high seller was Edge View C Believe ETV 9/22 at $4500.00 consigned by Fjel-Mar Dairy and William & Kelsey Erf, Oakdale, MN. This Carter daughter is a full sister to, New View C Bravo E91 All Am Sr 2yr 2020. Brad and Jill Kinney added her to their Durand, Il herd.

Selling for $4300 was Just So K Wicked 3/23. The 2nd Sp Calf WI State Show moved up a notch and Won her class at the SW National for Jr Member, Ashley Hidalgo, Los Lunas, NM. This Kickstart was the consignment of Just So Farm, WI

Sale staff included, Auctioneer Clay Toews, Pedigrees Nate Goldenberg, Ringmen Rollan Stewart, Doug Thomas, Austin Knapp, Jones Smith, Jim Hammerhand and Ed Wittdorf. Cattle were presented by Jr Brown Swiss members.

2023 Sale Averages

Sale Name Date # Hd BS BS Sale Avg High Seller (Price)
Inwood-Hill cow/BH Dispersal 2/21/2023 15 $3,040.00 $7400  Browns Geared Ups Gabby
Swissconsin Spring Opportunities Sale 3/03/2023 8 $2,481.25 $4300  WF Cartel Sawyer
Iowa State BS Sale 3/11/2023 58 $2,372.41 $6700  Buschs Weapon Jadyn ET
Hard Core Selection VI -Fraleys 3/11/2023 3 $2,666.67 $4200  BlessingMortOsbornC Fay ETV
MA Blue Ribbon Calf Sale 3/18/2023 12 $2,759.58 $4300  Edge View S Shantilly
Topps All-Breeds Tag Sale II 3/19/2023 6 $2,858.33 $6450  La Rainbow Sweet Vegas
Carolina Classic Sale 3/24/2023 2 $1,812.50 $2600  T&T Fms Kickstart Ainsley
Badger Invitational Platinum Collection 3/24/2023 1 $5,400.00 $5400  Choice-Foremost/Scuba X Wish
Spring Premier All-Breeds Dairy Sale 3/25/2023 8 $2,000.00 $4000  Cutting Edge J Nile
Shades of Excellence Sale 3/25/2023 37 $4,891.89 $28,000  Robland Goldfawn C Beauty
Buckeye Classic All Breeds Sale 3/30/2023 9 $1,900.00 $3300  La Rainbow Sweet Spiral
NY Spring Stunners 3/31/2023 2 $3,500.00 $3750  A Joy DD Tictactoe
Pioneer Dairy Classic 4/01/2023 6 $2,725.00 $4000  Encore-Gen Carter Primrose
Illinois PDCA Calf/All Breed Sale 4/01/2023 5 $2,740.00 $5100  Triangle Acres Dsgn Parasol
Kentucky National Sale 4/07/2023 66 $3,543.94 $23,500  Edge View R Sally ETV
Nor-Berts Spring Selection Tag Sale 4/08/2023 1 $2,000.00 $2,000  Nor-Bert Solution Twilight
Love Haven Farm/Autumn Creek Farm Dispersal 4/13/2023 72 $1,578.82 $2700  Love-Haven August Becca
A Joyful Event III/KuhlKows 4/16/2023 3 $2,566.67 $5000  A Joy D Chiquita
Quest for Success VI Sale 4/17/2023 11 $6,159.09 $11,700  Jenlar Diego Worthwhile ETV
Brubakers Special Cow/Heifer Sale 4/20/2023 1 $1,575.00 $1575  Autumn Creek Durham Wizteria
Mid-Atlantic Calf Sale 4/22/2023 41 $2,888.00 $7100  Blessing Garbro F Whitney
Born to Show Sale 4/22/2023 7 $1,878.57 $2850  Hills Valley Bush Rhea
Spring Colors at Quiet Cove 4/24/2023 3 $3,300.00 $4000  R Hart R N R Powerball Lotto
All Breed Spring Production Sale 4/28/2023 4 $1,725.00 $2200  Empire Twilight Wanda 
Cobleskill Dairy Fashion Sale All breeds 4/29/2023 5 $2,010.00 $3200  Blue Heaven W Legendary ETV
Indiana HO Assn Multi-Breed Sale 4/29/2023 4 $1,837.50 $1950  L Century Nello Joanna
Midwest Revue Royale 5/06/2023 88 $5,210.00 $27,000  Edge View F Daring ETV
$26,000  Hilltop Acres S Kadence ET
Breeders Bash sale 5/06/2023 1 $5,000.00 $5000  Henzelwood Rampage Wabash
1st Impressions at the Interstate III 5/12/2023 8 $5,906.25 $12,000  La Rainbow Sweet Sangria ETV
Green Co Heart of the Wheel Sale 5/13/2023 1 $2,000.00 $2000  RK Shes Fancy
SC Dairy Project Bred Heifer Sale 5/16/2023 2 $1,262.50 $1650  Crows Nest Agenda Skit
All-Breeds Extravaganza  5/16/2023 4 $2,950.00 $3550  Santa Maria Frosted Fig
Great Northern May Dairy Production Sale 5/30/2023 1 $3,100.00 $3100  Rebann Carter Jolene
California Dreamin National Sale 6/16/2023 30 $3,576.67 $7500  Blessing Garbro FM Palas ETV
Hard Core Breeder Selection - Fraleys 6/17/2023 5 $2,370.00 $2850  Pit-Crew Daredevil Teagen
Top Shelf at Double W - Potloads/Groups 6/20/2023 416 $1,289.06 $1600  13-head BS springers
Top Shelf at Double W - Individuals 6/20/2023 92 $2,294.02 $15,000  CIE Double W Star Noma  
Elite Dairy II Summer Showcase Sale 7/01/2023 111 $4,555.00 $23,000  Edge View F Faraway
$23,000  Edge View F Treesa
$22,750  Twin Hollow Daredevil Blue
Brubakers Dairy Cow/Heifer Sale 7/20/2023 3 $2,025.00 $2675  Burlin Denvers Gambler
Hosking Summer Production All-Breed Sale 8/05/2023 2 $1,775.00 $2250  Autumn Moon Cheese Danish
MN State Sale 9/16/2023 39 $1,959.00 $4100  Ace-N-Spades Skyhigh Leap
World Premier BS Sale 10/04/2023 41 $5,649.39 $19,500  IVF Session with
Perry Brook J Lulu Lemon ETV P
$14,800  Brown Heaven Norwin Fancy Body ET
Heart of America Sale 10/19/2023 33 $2,840.76 $10,000  Robland ACC Norwin Bali ETV
Eastern Breeders Sale 10/21/2023 89 $3,014.00 $8200  Perry Brook Lover Indigo ETV
Nittany Lion Fall Classic 10/21/2023 3 $3,233.33 $5300  A Joy Sugar On Snow
Fall Premier 2 All-Breeds Dairy Sale 10/28/2023 11 $1,206.82 $2350  Sunny Acres Dairy King Darlyn
Harvest Headliner - all breeds 11/15/2023 9 $2,313.89 $4600  Knapp Foremost Snapple ETV
Hoskings All-Breed Fall Production Sale 11/17/2023 6 $2,000.00 $2350  Hell Hollow Skyhigh Ria
Ohio All Breeds Fall Sale 11/18/2023 6 $1,108.33 $1800  Bridgewater Powerball Rita
Dec All Breeds Extravaganza Sale 12/05/2023 4 $5,050.00 $9800  Knapp Rampage Bounty
Music City Celebration VII Sale 12/11/2023 3 $11,583.33 $13,500  Collaps X Delilah
$13,500  Diego/Collaps X Waltz
Fun in the Sun - Delhi, NY 12/21/2023 3 $10,166.67 $14,000  Hilltop Acres Nash Jaiden NP
Holiday Classic Year End All Breeds 12/31/2023 5 $3,386.00 $8200  Knapp Foremost Doubledare
Total Number Sold & Overall Average   1383 $2,744.09 Note: Average includes 416 head sold in groups
Total without groups   967 $3,370.04