Junior Programs

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Brown Swiss Junior Activities

Mission Statement

The purpose of the youth programs of the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association of the USA is to provide experiences for junior members to expand their knowledge of the dairy industry and Brown Swiss Cattle.

  • The Junior Bell Ringer contest provides opportunities for youth to compare animal type and conformation.
  • The Youth Production and Cheese Yield contests encourage youth to develop sound and profitable animals.
  • The Youth Achievement program provides recognition for youth in two age categories who develop productive cattle and positive leadership skills.
  • The Ambassador program allows youth to develop speaking, organization, and public relations skills.
  • The Scholarship/Grant's goal is to assist in the education of youth in the field of dairy and/or agriculture or in herd growth by youth ownership.
  • The Lease program's purpose is to introduce new youth to showing Brown Swiss. It will provide an opportunity for both non-farm youth and youth from farms with other dairy breeds to work with registered Brown Swiss. The lease program's goal is to increase participation in junior contests and junior shows nationwide.

For Questions & Requests Contact:

Brown Swiss Association
800 Pleasant Street Beloit, WI 53511
Phone: 608-365-4474
Fax: 608-365-5577
E-mail: info@brownswissusa.com

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in any one of the youth programs, the junior must be a national junior member at the time of application to the contest.

Each youth contest participant, except Junior Bell Ringer, needs to include a biography page with background about him/herself and five photos.

This includes the following junior member contests:

  • Cheese Yield Contest
  • Youth Ambassador
  • Youth Production Contest
  • Youth Scholarship
  • Youth Achievement
  • Youth Animal Grant
  • Junior Youth Achievement
  • Junior Bell Ringer

Junior Membership

Who can be a National Junior Member?                             

If you meet the following criteria, you can become a National Junior Member!

  1. A person who is 8 years of age and has not turned 22 by January 1st of the current year. 
  2. A person who is the owner of a registered or I.E. Brown Swiss female in his or her individual name or junior partnership (RF, ID or IDR animals do not qualify).
  3. Complete and submit an application with the fee.

Junior Member Benefits

  1. Discounts in registering animals. Membership must be taken out in the name in which the junior registers his or her animals.
  2. Additional discounts for registering animals when you are both a state and national member.
  3. Junior members who apply for adult membership before reaching the age of 22 receive 1 transitional year of adult membership at a reduced fee.
  4. Eligibility for participation in National Junior Programs.

Associate Junior Member

An Associate membership is available for youth who own Brown Swiss but are not yet 8 years of age by January 1 of the current year.  Associate membership provides reduced registration rates for these youth. That is the primary and only benefit of this membership. Applications are available on-line or from the national office.


To qualify the animal for national Junior Programs, animals must be registered in the junior member’s name or partnership comprised of only BSA Junior Members.  (Adult-Junior and family farm partnerships are not acceptable.)    In case of Junior partnership, one junior must be selected to exhibit or participate in Junior Programs.  Awards will be presented as one unit, to all owners equally.

Youth Lease Program

Deadline June 1  

The National Brown Swiss Association Youth Lease program encourages character, knowledge and sense of responsibility; increases participation in Brown Swiss Association programs, junior contests, and junior shows nationwide; and offers a unique opportunity for both non-farm and farm youth to work with registered Brown Swiss.

Terms & Conditions

  • The lessee must be 8-21 years of age as of January 1 of the project year, whereas the project year coincides with the calendar year.

  • Leased animals will qualify for the National Bell Ringer Program, junior contests, and junior show awards, but will not be eligible for open show awards.

  • The animal’s recorded owner will receive open show honors. An animal may be leased as a cow, if it has been leased continuously by the same youth prior to two years of age


National Junior Contest applications, biographies, and photos are due in the national office on March 31!

Youth Lease Applications are due June 1.

Bell Ringer Entries/photos are due December 15.