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The Roger Neitzel Distinguished Service Award

Our honoree for the 2015 Roger Neitzel Distinguished Service Award is:

Dr. Chad Dechow, Associate Professor of Dairy Cattle Genetics, Department of Dairy and Animal Science; and Undergraduate Advisor, Dairy, Genetics; Pennsylvania State University - College of Agricultural Sciences.

Dr. Dechow’s primary research interest is the development of genetic selection, mating, and herd management strategies to improve cow health and fertility. Research has focused on relationships of body condition and angularity with cow fitness, Brown Swiss x Holstein crossbreeding, relationships of cow mortality with genetic selection and herd management practices, and the development of cow health evaluations in progeny test herds. He has also worked to develop methods to estimate heritabilities for individual herds. Dr. Dechow has teaching responsibilities in the areas of animal breeding, dairy cattle selection, dairy herd management and the use of dairy management software.

In the name of Roger N. Neitzel, the Distinguished Service Award is given to a person(s) who has dedicated many years of service to the Brown Swiss Association.  Dr. Dechow is the fourth recipient of this award.  Darrell Worden was the 2014 Recipient; Joe and Mary K. Miller were the 2011 Recipients; and Roger N. Neitzel was the first Recipient in 2010.