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2019 Board Action

Winter Board Meeting Motions

Motion: Breeder accounts in excess of 90 days who have agreed to a payment schedule will also be on a COD term for all current work, as long as payments are maintained. Motion passed.

Motion: Breeder accounts in excess of 120 days will be on COD and must bring accounts current before 180 days or maybe sent to collection agency. Motion passed.

Motion: Accepted Youth Budget. Motion passed.

Motion: New Junior Membership will have a one-time cost of $10 effective January 1, 2020. Motion passed.

Motion: Increase subscription fees for 2020.  Motion passed.

Motion: Discontinue PTPR program effective January 1, 2020. Motion passed.

Motion: Raise classification cancellation fee to $100. Motion passed.

Motion: Raise classification late add fee to $100. Motion passed.

Motion: In addition to the current special classification rate of $500 and Per Diem plus cow fees, breeders will also be responsible for the travel expenses incurred for the special. These fees are effective January 1, 2020. Motion passed.

Motion: Increase per cow fee for classification to $17.50, if over 6 cows scored. Motion passed.

Motion: Accounts over 90 days will no longer be classified unless account is made current. Motion passed.

Motion: A target for average 2-year-old scores to be 79 pts. Motion passed.

Motion: The first animal in the Recorded Female/Identity Enrollment program can be a non-living female. To move forward the offspring must meet all other Identity Enrollment requirements. Motion passed.

Motion: Send a letter to owners of Progressive Sire semen stating that effective as of February 1, 2020, Progressive Sires will no longer be working with Interglobe Genetics, the owners will be responsible for contacting Interglobe Genetics to make arrangements on semen currently in storage. Motion passed.

Summer Board Meeting Motions

Motion to send out a letter to other breed associations to see what their concerns are and to see what they could do for us or we can do for them. Explore what we can do together to benefit our breed associations in order to do things better or more efficiently. Get letter sent out so we can have a reply before meeting at Expo. Motion passed.

Motion to approve financial report from 2018. Motion passed.

Motion to renew contract with Dairy Agenda Today. Add to DAT responsibilities that a list be sent to the association of potential advertisers contacted each month. Motion passed.

Motion to discontinue the 2nd class mailing option for Bulletins and combined Bulletin and Sire Summary subscriptions for Canada/Mexico and All other Foreign. Motion passed.

Motion that contact be made with breeders who have Progressive semen and report back to the board about price reductions and advertising in Bulletin. Bulls that are genetic condition carriers will be eliminated with the breeder making a choice on how to handle the semen of the carrier bulls. Motion passed.

Motion to send a letter to judges on the approved judges list not including those added in the last 5 years. Judges that were on the approved judging list in 2015 must resubmit a new resume listing current judging activity. Motion passed.

Motion to add Jenna Lenhart, Justin Burdett, and Mike Creek to the approved judges listed. Motion passed.

Motion to add Maryland State Fair and Midwest Spring Show to the All-American Qualifying show list. Motion passed.

Motion to approve the show ballots with recommended changes. Motion passed.