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2013 Board Actions

12/2013 - Winter Board Actions

Raising cows to a maximum of 95 points or higher was discussed. It had been brought up from the floor at convention for the board to consider raising the maximum score to 97 points. As the board discussed this topic, one consideration was the cost of administering the committee to score the 95 or higher cows. A roll call of opinions was taken on raising the max score and majority of board members preferred to leave the max score at 94 points. An idea will be presented to the type committee with a scenario in which cows could receive a max score of 95 points, but would require a minimum amount of lactations as well as be on official test.

Fees were increased for the following: (Effective March  1, 2014)

State & National Member Rates for 6-12 months $25.00; 12-24 months $30.00; National Member rates $30.00 for 6-12 months; $35.00 for 12-24 months; Non-Member rates for 6-12 months $40.00; 12-24 months $50.00; 24 months & over $75.00. Expanded Identity Enrollment for ID/IDR females $10.00; (BSA/PTPR rates remain at $7.00 for IDs). Hand-typed pedigrees 4-Generation $30.00; Export 4 Generation $35.00; 5 Generation $60.00; 5 Generation Export $75.00. Intra-Herd Transfers & Estate Transfers will each be $5.00.

The website is still doing very well and has many visitors and returning visitors. Promotion and communications that have been on Facebook in the past will be moved to generate viewers for the website and to draw breeders toward purchasing Brown Swiss cattle. Facebook will still be used for quick updates, teasers and reminders.

Banner Ads Available to Breeders for $100 as of January 1, 2014!

Banner ads on the website are now available for $100 each. The banner ad may be designed by the breeder as a drop-in or by BSCBA. The banners open up to a full page ad or maybe linked to a breeder’s website. Advertisements done in the Brown Swiss Bulletin may also be put on the website via banner. Contact the Brown Swiss office to coordinate your banner ad! Ask for Rebekah Bovee at ext. 13.

A motion was made and seconded to gather information on past performance of the Association’s investments and to seek professional financial advice on how investments should be overseen and grown. The motion passed 9-0.

A motion was made and seconded to amend the National junior show rules to strike the following phrase: “if an owner cannot attend the show, another National Brown Swiss junior member may show the animal. Also, in a class where a junior member owns more than one animal; another National Brown Swiss Association Junior may show the animal.” The motion passed 9-0.

A motion was made and seconded to make Eastern States a national show, recognized as Northeastern National for 2015. The motion passed 9-0.

Laurie Winkelman and Joe Sparrow were moved to National Show status. Allen Bassler, Ted Dement, Molly Sloan and Gary Bowers were added to the judge’s list.

A motion was made and seconded that BH2 will not be labeled on any registered animal (male or female) until a gene test is developed and reliability of genomic test is verified. The motion passed 9-0.

A motion was made and seconded that BSCBA hire a summer intern for the coming summer. Applicants should be interested in future job opportunities at BSCBA. Resumes should be sent Attn: Executive Secretary David Wallace, 800 Pleasant Street, Beloit, WI 53511. Watch for a description of responsibilities and qualifications to be listed on the website in the New Year!

Interim Meetings:

A motion was made and seconded to approve the Genetics Committee recommendations of providing a list of BH2 carrier bulls to the breeders via the November Brown Swiss Bulletin and the website with a description of the new haplotype and its impact.

A motion was made and seconded to send 7,000 male genotypes (PTA information on strength, stature, rump width and body depth) to USDA to use in research comparing dystocia in dairy cattle breeds to identify gene networks associated with the differences between breeds.

Summer Board Meeting -- July 1-3, 2013 - Beloit, WI

A motion passed to accept a donation from a California member in her husband’s honor to be used for a youth scholarship award.

A motion passed to add the suffix ETV to the end of an animal’s name to identify IVF calves, effective January 1, 2014. Breeders who already have IVF calves on the ground could correct the animal’s name free of charge to include IVF.

A motion passed that state memberships paid in the calendar year will buy the member a state and national registration discount for the following year. State secretaries are required to send membership lists to the national office by December 31st of the current year. (I.e. State memberships recorded in 2013 would be good for 2014 discounts.)

A motion passed that 72 hour rushes fees be charged $100, which includes overnight mailing fees. (If the registration number is needed by a certain date, then the charge is $20 per transaction. In the case that the paper is needed in hand the fee is $100.) (Example: A member sending in a rush for one transfer and one registration would be billed a $40 rush fee in addition to the regular registration fees. A member sending in two registrations would also be billed $40 ($20 rush per registration transaction).

A motion passed to raise the annual BSA/PTPR fee from $75 to $100, in order to include a 1st Class Bulletin subscription for each BSA/PTPR herd.

A motion passed that for Brown Swiss breeders who want to genomic test the following fees apply:

  • $45 9K LD Genomic Chip Fee + CDCB Fee Schedule Rate Code
  • $125 77K HD Genomic Chip Fee + CDCB Fee Schedule Rate Code
  • $50 registration for a bull includes parentage (chip) +CDCB Fee Schedule Rate Code if complete genomic results are desired.

(Effective immediately July 2). *The CDCB fees were not subject to negotiation by the Brown Swiss board of directors based on Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding decisions and are necessary to be passed in order to receive genomic evaluations.*

A motion passed to return to using genomics for parentage and if a breeder wants the entire genomic results he /she is subject to CDCB fees.

A motion passed to accept the show committee report including changes to judge’s lists (Adding Jake Hushon to National List) as recommendations from by the board.

 Interim Meetings:

A motion passed to allow genomic testing of males not yet tested for parentage or genomics. (June)

A motion passed that all bulls with country of origin being North America (Canada & U.S.) to be $50, whereas any bull with foreign origin of birth (I.e. European) be registered for $300.

A motion passed to return to using DNA for Parentage on males and allow breeders to choose if they want to request genomics.

A motion passed to accept the proposal from 42 Tech Solutions for computer support and technology upgrades.

A motion passed to suspend male testing for genomic results until May and further decisions on fees. (April)