2024 Youth Ambassador Winner

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2024 National Youth Ambassador

The National Youth Ambassador
supports and promotes the Brown Swiss
Cattle Breeders’ Association and
National Programs. An Ambassador
and Alternate will be chosen
at the National Convention.



Hannah and Isabella at the 2024 National Convention




Hannah Loftin

My name is Hannah Loftin; I am 20 years old and live in Troutman, North Carolina, where I have a small herd of mostly Brown Swiss show cows. I am a sophomore at the University of Mount Olive, studying to obtain two bachelor’s degrees, one in agriculture education and one in agriculture business. I plan to teach for a few years while working to open an interactive educational creamery. My start in the dairy industry was different from a traditional one, although two of my great-grandfathers had dairy farms in the 1970s, one of which milked our beloved Brown Swiss. But this is different from how I got my start in this industry.

Way back in 2016, a friend reached out to my dad asking if I wanted to show one of his Holsteins at our county fair, and it has been history ever since. My family and I met this fantastic man who saw that my family was not in a place to buy a show heifer, so he took it upon himself to buy me one. He taught me a lot of what I know about showing and introduced me to the people who taught me the rest of what I know about showing and raising show cows. The more I learned and showed, the more I fell in love.

I got my first Brown Swiss heifer for my fourteenth birthday; it was love at first sight. Muffin (my heifer) and I could have struggled through our first year of learning how to show, but we didn’t, thanks to help from everyone who taught me so much. I am very grateful for him and the rest of my show family, who taught me what I know. During my first year, several people told me that I would never be able to afford to play the game or that because I didn’t grow up on a dairy farm, I would never be good at showing. So, I did two things right then and there, I set high goals, like showing at World Dairy Expo, and I decided that I would never treat people trying to get started in showing like that.

Fast forward to a few years later, when things fell into place, and I met this great family interested in showing. I was grateful for the opportunity that I was given and wanted to give them the same. So, I found a heifer for them to use, and I taught them everything they needed to know, showmanship, how to feed their animals, how to halter break a calf, and how to wash a calf. These two kids turned into others wanting to show and needing help from the ground up, but it also turned into other youths already in the show world that just wanted some help. Whether in showmanship, fitting, or general assistance, they, for some reason, decided I was the best person to ask. I am very grateful that these children have chosen me to look up to because while I am helping them grow, they are helping me grow.

I have been blessed to reach a few of the goals I set early in my show career. First, I have been able to show on the colored shaving at World Dairy Expo thanks to some fantastic people willing to take a risk on a girl from a small town in North Carolina. But it gets better from there; this past November, I took one of my bred and owned Brown Swiss heifers to show at NAILE. I never thought I would be able to do this, but I proved myself wrong, and that little heifer and I didn’t come in last either. I also competed in the dairy Judging contest last fall at WDE. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that little Swiss calf from 2017 has given me. You never know what opportunities you will stumble upon if you are willing to try.

2024 Alternate Youth Ambassador

Isabella Wilbur

My name is Isabella Wilbur, and I am currently a senior at Middlebury Union High School. I am attending the Vermont State University at Castleton for a semester of early college. I reside in Orwell, Vermont, with my family on our organic dairy farm. We milk 45 dairy cows that consist of Jerseys, Brown Swiss, Lineback, Milking Shorthorn, and Ayrshires. Our farm used to be mainly Jersey cows but as I became more interested in showing, the breeds on the farm expanded.

When I was twelve years old, I received my first Brown Swiss calf for Christmas. This started my involvement in 4-H and Brown Swiss activities. Since then, I have made my own herd of Brown Swiss, Jersey, Ayrshire, and Lineback cows with my brothers under the prefix IBG Genetics. We have shown at all of the local and state shows for the past couple years and been successful. In the past two years, we started showing regionally. The Brown Swiss junior activities that I have participated in are the Vermont State Brown Swiss show 3 years in a row, bell-ringer contest, and Northeast All-Breeds Spring Show Brown Swiss class. I hope to participate in more junior activities through the Brown Swiss Association this year.

I am planning to attend Cornell University in the fall for Animal Science with a focus in Dairy Management. With this degree, I plan to come back to the farm and continue what my parents started. This opportunity will open up new pathways to better the farm and make a better ecological footprint.


Other Ambassador Finalists

Amelia Somers


My name is Amelia Somers: I am a junior at Walton Central High School in New York. I live on a small farm called Shadow Valley Farm where we raise our small herd of Brown Swiss. My love for Brown Swiss began as a kid and has blossomed ever since. I am involved in Brown Swiss activities and show at our local shows and many of the national shows throughout the country. Outside of school and the farm, I am involved in the FFA and have a love for photography.





Abigail Wilber

My name is Abigail Wilber and I am from Colebrook, Connecticut. I began showing Brown Swiss at the age of six, leasing from my great aunt and uncle, Trudy and Luke Tanner of Nutmeg Acres Farm. With the support of my family – including my grandfather, George Wilber of Beech Hill Farm and parents, Amy Bailey and Theodore Wilber – I grew my own herd of bred and owned Brown Swiss and continue to compete at the local, regional, and national levels. In this past year I have been grateful to complete my time in 4-H as a member of the Connecticut State 4-H Dairy Judging Team, placing 23rd individually at the World Dairy Expo contest. I have also been fortunate to work with several show strings at the Northeast National Fall Shows and World Dairy Expo.

I am currently completing an Associate’s degree in Animal Science at the University of Connecticut with the intention of pursuing a Bachelor’s in Agricultural Economics. I hope to one day work for an agricultural biotechnology or animal health-related company. I enjoy working with youth through 4-H and participating in UConn Block & Bridle and Dairy Club events in my spare time.

Natalie Roe, WI

My name is Natalie Roe, and I am a sophomore currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a double major in Dairy Science and Life Science Communications. I am originally from Monticello, WI, where my parents, Dan and Sally Roe, own and operate a cash crop farm, Roe Farms Partnership. They also own and operate a commercial grain elevator, Pleasant Grain LLC. I got my interest in Brown Swiss Cattle from 4-H, starting with a 4-H project calf from Voegeli Farms Inc., when I was young. From there, my interest blossomed, and my brothers, Nick and Alex, and I started our herd, TopLine Swiss. We show these heifers across the Midwest. I am active within the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Juniors Association, as well as many other dairy activities in my county and at college. Currently, I am involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, the UW-Madison Judging Team, and more. With my degrees, I am hoping to go into the dairy industry with a communication or marketing position

Alternate Youth Ambassador:
Adele Biasini, VT

My name is Adele Biasini; residing on a small family dairy farm in Morrisville, VT, with my parents and older sister. We milk 40 head of registered Brown Swiss and Holsteins and have been shipping milk for 30 years. My family started a niche market of making Farmstead Artisan cheese fourteen years ago to help support our farm and make a local product for our ever-growing community.

I was heavily involved in my 4-H dairy club, the Green Mtn. Moovers, for the past 11 years where I also participated in quiz bowl, dairy judging, and the National 4-H Dairy Conference. I am currently very active within the dairy industry by participating in the Brown Swiss classification twice a year and presenting my Brown Swiss at state, regional, and national shows every year. We also take part at the National Brown Swiss Conventions as we are able. I have been recognized as both State Bell Ringer multiple times and National Bell Ringer for the first time in 2019. This past year, I received National Bell Ringer with my Fall Yearling in Milk, as well as my Senior 2-Year-Old Cow. Both of these cows also received All American nominations which I am very humbled to have received. Over the years, I have been fortunate to grow my Brown Swiss herd and now own 10 heifers and young cows.

Currently, I am a Senior at the University of Vermont studying Animal Science with plans to receive my Bachelors of Science degree this coming May. I am attending William H. Miner Institute for the current semester in the Advanced Dairy Management course. I am gaining a stronger understanding of everyday responsibilities in a dairy manager’s position. While I am currently away from the UVM campus, I still enjoy being active within the college community as I am one of many UVM CALS (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences) representatives who assist welcoming incoming students and being present for accepted student days for those who plan on majoring in animal science. I was active on the UVM club softball team for three years. In the coming months after I graduate in May, I plan to continue pursuing my passion as a professional in the dairy industry as I decide what my next steps are. In my free time, I enjoy playing softball and doing any outdoor activity such as skiing and hiking. I also spend a lot of time at our farm caring for our dairy herd and cropping during the summer.