2023 Junior Bell Ringer Winners

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2023 National Bell Ringers

Placing Animal Name Owner Reg #
  Spring Calf    
BR Harvst BRZ ELS Windstorm Ellie Albert, IL 840003270455108
Res Northkill Creek GrandSlam Twin Hannah Balthaser, PA 840003218804016
HM Brown Velvet PBall Vermont Elaina, Grant, Ava & Audrey Lahmers, OH 68227562
  Winter Calf    
BR TopGun C Tickle My Pickle Emily Fisher, NH 68225165
Res M & M Carter Sage Jacob & Levi Stuessel, WI 840003151741957
HM Pit-Crew Diego Papaya ET Leased: Beau Trapp, WI 68226925
  Fall Calf    
BR Edge View F Taylor ETV Leased: Sevanna Fairbanks, WI 68223440
Res WOCC Foremost Hurricane Suton Paulson & Sage Dornan, OK 840003252617941
HM Blessing Garbro F Whitney Katelyn Taylor, PA 68224776
  Summer Yearling    
BR Shadow Valley Dardevil Halo Amelia Somers, NY 68225756
Res Buckmeadow Seaman Willow Colt & Luke Buckley and Maria, Jack & Sydney Saltzman, KY 68226009
HM KADR Daredevil Vienna Kassidy, Ashlynn, Delaney & Ryleigh Oliger, IN 68226878
  Spring Yearling    
BR Pit-Crew Phantom Nikita Leased By: Allison Foss, MN 68220170
Res Pit-Crew Rasta Tricky Leased: Kole Trapp, WI 68220172
HM Kourlyn Carter Starlight ETV Kourtney Bell, MD 68222482
  Winter Yearling    
BR Shelburne BR Dells Designer NP Leased: Lily Jenson, WI 68220282
Res Pit-Crew Devils Rhythm Leased By: Allison Foss, MN 68220166
HM Hemsteads Victorious Vera Lillian Hempfling, OH 840003247333155
  Fall Yearling    
BR Brook Hollow Carmel Apple Leased: Carissa Pittman, OH 68219757
Res Red Brae Richard Fabulous Elise & Brady Bleck, WI 68218507
HM M & M Victor Showstopper Jacob & Levi Stuessel, WI 840003151741954
  Milking Yearling    
BR Edge View D Rylee ET Kylie & Kiara Konyn, WI 68216656
Res Knapp Martini Allison Addison & Payden Houchens, KY 68219520
HM Twinkle-Hill SS Starlove 1562 Tavin Hagen & Baeyla Jones, WI 840003239007207
  Summer Junior 2 Year Old    
BR Pit-Crew Phantom Kristine Leased By: Abby Foss, MN 68216551
Res Jenlar FC Windmill ETV Brody Jackson and Blake & Garrett Hill, NY 68217116
HM Hobby Stock Carter Brighton Kendra & Garrett Waldenberger, MN 68216533
  Junior 2 Year Old    
BR Edge View F Bailey Kelly Jo Manion, KY 68213095
Res Pit-Crew Rampage Nola OCS Cael, Chase & Caden Cannon, IA 68213770
HM Groves View Martini Truth Bailey Groves, MO 68212734
  Senior 2 Year Old    
BR Wright-Way Famous Tik Tok ET Landree & Dakota Fraley, PA 66866817
Res Pearl Dell Drake Whitney Elizabeth Schieferstine, NY 68213003
HM V B Can-Due Dazzle James DeFreece, MO 68211648
  Junior 3 Year Old    
BR Colebrook Creek DT Alina Abigail Wilber, CT 840003125721710
Res Twincounty Famous Diamond Dakota Fraley, PA 840003204926005
HM Summerwynd Flash JeTaime Tyler Schroepfer, WI 68208594
  Senior 3 Year Old    
BR Pit-Crew Formula Tawny Leased By: Abby Foss, MN 68206639
Res Johann Brownsville Madelyn, Mackenzie & Grant Topp, OH 68217349
HM Terra Rose Cliff Shasta Adele Biasini, VT 840003208028735
  4 Year Old    
BR Royal Hill Rich Nori Ryland, Brayton & Camdyn Nierman, IN 68214735
Res Random Luck Victory Rose Allison & Matthew Thompson, WI 68206280
HM Blessing CNJ T Norann ET Caylee Nicole James, IN 68213233
  5 Year Old    
BR Brandenburg Richard Valerie Sawyer & Emerson Brandenburg, WI 68199903
Res Johann Carter Dartmouth Ryland, Brayton & Camdyn Nierman, IN 68197718
HM Wittspride Hosanna Hallow James DeFreece, Theo & Addison Goldenberg, MO 68191120
  Aged Cow    
BR Northkill Creek Groovy Hannah & Mark Balthaser, PA 68184058
Res Fosters Dot Ryland, Brayton & Camdyn Nierman, IN 68197346
HM Random Luck B Talented Matthew Thompson & Payton Van Schyndle, WI 68176207
  Component Merit    
BR Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie Hadleigh, Ezra & Kenna Jones and Kelly Jo Manion, KY 840003202503398
Res Fairdale Total Cali ET Emily Goode, KY 68137722