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National Youth Production Winner

The Youth Production Contest recognizes an individual whose cow reaches the highest deviation from herdmates within a 305-day period.

Lactation from 2022

2022 Overall Winner - Ashlynn Schultz, IL

Alpine Echo L Jazzalyn  68185023

 38,737 ECM      +15,071 Deviation

My name is Ashlynn Schultz and I live in Dakota, Illinois. I currently own 6 registered Brown Swiss that have been in my family name since 1938. Alpine Echo was the prefix that my great-grandpa established near Browntown, Wisconsin. Ever since I could walk, I have had a passion for showing dairy cattle. I have shown at various shows such as World Dairy Expo, Canton, Youth Dairy Classic in Iowa, Dairy Days, Stephenson County Fair, and more. My aunt operates Mil-R-Mor Farm where I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about dairy cattle. I hope to make a career out of my passion for dairy cattle as a livestock nutritionist. In addition, it is a personal goal to win showmanship at a show beyond the county level. Every year, I look forward to spring when my dairy projects come to my house and it is my job to take care of them on a daily basis. This includes clipping, washing, feeding, and monitoring their health. I am an active member of the Country Cousins 4-H club and Orangeville FFA. When I work on my aunt and cousins' dairy farm my duties include; feeding calves, operating machinery, and assisting with milking. Some of my hobbies outside of dairy cattle include softball, basketball, being outdoors and baking. It is my goal for my remaining years as a Brown Swiss youth member to get more involved in the Brown Swiss Association activities and shows.


District Cheese Yield Winners:

District 2022 Winners Cow ECM DEV
4: Ashlynn Schultz, IL Alpine Echo L Jazzalyn  68185023 38,737 +15,071
1 Jillian Bond, NY Hills valley Protege Tiny  68181250 36,343  +9,000
5: Tyler Schroepfer, WI Summerwynd Jane Doe  68193410 27,699  +1,545

Lactation from 2021

2021 Overall Winner - Breanne Freeman, IN

Nor-Bert Thunder Silverflake 840003132391930

61,947 ECM      +22,423 Deviation