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BSHS 2018 Hall of Fame Recognitions

Pioneer Award
Larrabee Family, Clermont, Iowa

William Larrabee was the third Iowa breeder to bring Swiss to Iowa in 1883. Ten cows and a bull were purchased from Walter Fish, Mystic, Connecticut. In 1885 the herd was the first of the breed exhibited at the Iowa State Fair under the farm name, “Montauk Herd”. Clermont became the center of Brown Swiss in Iowa. In 1905 the majority of the herd was moved to a farm near Fort Dodge.

William’s sons, Frederic and Charles assumed management after William’s death in 1912. James Mooney became a partner shortly thereafter and the herd was known as Mooney and Larrabee. In 1921 the herd had the grand champion cow in Iowa and grand champion bull at the Iowa and Minnesota state fairs. The herd was one of the best known herds in the country until its dispersal in 1935. Larrabee animals were distributed to many other herds in Iowa.

William Larrabee was a state senator at the time of his introduction of Swiss into Iowa and later was Governor from 1886 to 1890. William served on the Brown Swiss Association Executive Committee from 1889-1893.

William’s son, Frederic, was the first President of the Iowa Brown Swiss Association in 1926. He also was a state legislator and president of the Iowa State Dairy Association for 19 years. He was named Dairy Shrine Pioneer in 1961.

Meritorious Service Award
Bernard Monson, Gowrie, Iowa

During classification conferences in 2003 and 2004, discussions on memorable cows and herds spiked interest in finding a way to preserve Brown Swiss history and memorabilia.
Bernard Monson was enthusiastic about organizing a group of people that might support and work toward that goal.

On July 23, 2006 in Dubuque, Iowa, the first organized meeting took place. Bernard chaired that meeting and the group drafted a proposal to create a Brown Swiss Historical Society. Bernard was selected as the first President of BSHS. Bernard’s enthusiasm and leadership has led the Society in recognizing Master Breeders, publication of the BSHS Chronicle, creation of a museum at the National Office and development of a history of the breed.

Bernard has also contributed greatly to the Association, by serving as Brown Swiss Association President (1974-1979), District 6 Director (1964-1970), and later classifier and area representative.

Bernard was owner of Meadow View Farm, first becoming partners at age 16 with his father, Clyde, and full owner upon his father’s passing in 1976.

Two famous Meadow View bred animals were Meadow View Destiny and Meadow View Jerami M. In the early days of World Dairy Expo, Bernard enjoyed showing Schulte’s Sunwise Pat who was crowned Grand Champion at the Central National 3 years in a row, 1971, 1972, and 1973. She was also a 5-time All-American.

At the 1969 National Show, a new class was initiated entitled “Special Production Class”. The trophy was sponsored by Meadow View Farm. After four years, it was renamed the “Meadow View Trophy” Total Performance Award. It was sponsored by Meadow View Farm through 1982.