Please dial the department or person you wish to speak with. Please also leave a detailed message with registration number, subject calling about, and call back number. Your call will be returned. If your matter needs immediate attention, do not hesitate to also email your concern.

  1 -Registrations   

  2 -Accounting

12 -Leonard Johnson    e-mail:
       Show/Genetic Programs Manager, Classification Coordinator
       Classification Scheduling, BEST, Classifier, Shows, Genetics & Type Committees, All-American Contest, Bell Ringer Contest

13 -Rebekah Bovee    e-mail:
       Creative Projects Specialist
       Catalogs, Calendar, Website, Brown Swiss Bulletin, Advertising & Flyers, Annual Report, & Performance Summary Preparation,
       USLGE Activities Coordinator (Budgeting, Reporting, Trip Arrangement), Office Supply Ordering

16 -

19 -
       Registration/Records Department Specialist
       Registrations, Transfers, Pedigrees, New Breeder Packets, Press Releases

22 -Allicia Horn    email:
       Office Manager
       Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Adult Memberships, Subscriptions, Herd Inventory, Classification Schedules & Billing,
       PBSS Orders/Billing, Technical Advisor, Label Requests, new database user sign-up, Embryo Flushes, multiple donor embryo flushes
       Oversight of Registration, Parentage Verification (DNA/Genomic Testing), Genomic Results, Abnormalities, Classification, Jr Programs,
       Production Records, Sire Evaluation, National Show & Production Awards, Convention Liaison
24 -Norman C. Magnussen   email:
       Executive Secretary
       Policy, Industry, International, Finances & Budget, Interbreed Cooperation, Brown Swiss Enterprises, Progressive Brown Swiss Sires,
       Breeder Concerns, Board Meetings