Bulletin Advertising

To Advertise in The Brown Swiss Bulletin, Contact a Dairy Agenda Today Sale Associate for more information:

Kathi Brown-Meier - Wisconsin,  608-558-8089,  kbrownmeier@hotmail.com

Chad Griffith - Ohio,  513-543-2315,  xavier12146@yahoo.com

Mary Angelo - Missouri,  417-880-5732,  angelo@1791.com

Melissa Hart - Editor - Michigan,  517-398-1957,  farm.writer@hotmail.com

Breeder Advertising Rates:
Back Cover          $600
Inside Cover         $525
Full-Page Ad         $485
Half-Page Ad        $325
Quarter-Page Ad  $200

Additional rate reductions after advertising in 6 issues within a 12-month period.

Note: All Full-Page Ads will be posted on Dairy Agenda Today website for 30 days.

Commercial Rates available upon request.

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