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2023 Southeastern National Show

L O U I S V I L L E , K Y   |   S U N D A Y,  N O V.  4-5, 2 0 2 3
Judge:  Tammy Voegeli, WI
145 Head Shown


Junior Champion:  Blessing Doboy Krissy, 1st Fall Calf, Blessing Farm
Reserve Junior Champion:  Lucky Charms Fooled You, 1st Spring Yearling, Heidi Heller

Intermediate Champion:  RDT Daredevil Lola, 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Red Dirt Genetics & Katy Boeh
Reserve Intermediate Champion:  Knapps Rasta Comin In Hot, 1st Junior 2 Year Old, David & Carrie Sears

Senior Champion:  SS Debs 929, 1st Aged Cow, Landen Knapp
Reserve Senior Champion:  Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie, 1st Component Cow, H, E & K Jones and Kelly Jo Manion

Grand Champion:  SS Debs 929, Senior Champion, Landen Knapp
Reserve Grand Champion:  Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie, Reserve Senior Champion, H, E & K Jones and Kelly Jo Manion


Spring Calf (19)
1st: Brown Velvet PBall Vermont (Powerball), Elaine, Grant, Ava & Audrey Lahmers
2nd: Northkill Creek Grandslam Twin (Grandslam), Hannah Balthaser
3rd: Buckmeadow FC W Ivy (First Choice), C & L Buckley and M, J, S, L & M Saltzman
Winter Calf (23)
1st: Brothers Three DLX Wiley (Delux), Brothers Three & Andrea and Brett Haines
2nd: Perry Brook Elisium Lizzo (Elisium), Peter Vail
3rd: Northkill Creek Getter Done (Famous), Hannah Balthaser
Fall Calf (15)
1st: Blessing Doboy Krissy (Doboy), Blessing Farm
2nd: Top Acres FM Wizer ETV (Foremost), C & L Buckley and M, J, S, J & M Saltzman and A Carrier
3rd: Brown Velvet Pwrbal Sutton (Powerball), Elaina, Ava & Audrey Lahmers

Summer Yearling (10)
1st: Buckmeadow Seaman Willow (Seaman), C & L Buckley and M, J & S Saltzman
2nd: Henzelwood Rampage Wabash (Rampage), Alexis Sherry
3rd: R5 Dynamite Miss Chief (Dynamite), Tatum Copeland
Spring Yearling (14)
1st: Lucky Charms Fooled You (Famous), Heidi Heller
2nd: Birdsallway Famous Nell ET (Famous), Carter Kruse
3rd: Edge View F Denver ETV (Famous), Tumbleweed Dairy
Winter Yearling (7)
1st: Just So Tassel (Woody), Peter Vail
2nd: Hemsteads Victorious Vera (Kingsley), Lillian Hempfling
3rd: Red Brae Powerball Zoie (Powerball), Blessing Farm & Marlin Gaff
Fall Yearling (3)
1st: Knapp DD Challenge ETV (Daredevil), Daleyn Gehrig
2nd: Glamour-Ridge V Wildthing ETV (Victor), Brooke Foote
3rd: LJF Wanna Be A Rich Girl (Ricky), Jacob & Joseph Johns

Jr Best Three Females (3)
1st: Blessing Farm
2nd: Katelyn Bell
3rd: Laura Frye

Yearling In Milk (5)
1st: Kruses ACC C Jenesis ETV (Carter), Jones Smith
2nd: Knapp Martini Allison (Martini), Addison & Payden Houchens
3rd: Random Luck Seaman Toppit (Seaman), K, A, D & R Oliger
Summer Junior 2 Year Old (4)
1st: Del-Valley Famous Sass (Famous), Sarah Lehner
2nd: Top Acres W Winsome ETV (Woody), Chris Durbin
3rd: Landkammer ScrtWeapon Tilly ET (Secret Weapon), A & K Landkammer

Junior 2 Year Old (5)
1st: Knapps Rasta Comin In Hot (Rasta), David & Carrie Sears
2nd: Jaden Rasta Dance (Rasta), Hayden Hauschildt
3rd: Brown Velvet Rampage Vinnie (Rampage), Elaina, Ava & Audrey Lahmers
Senior 2 Year Old (9)
1st: Jaden Famous Celebrity (Famous), Hayden Hauschildt
2nd: Wright-Way Famous Tik Tok ET (Famous), Landree & Dakota Fraley
3rd: Ritchie View Dare Bel Jingles (Daredevil), Mountain View Meadows

Junior 3 Year Old (8)
1st: RDT Daredevil Lola (Daredevil), Red Dirt Genetics & Katy Boeh
2nd: Top Acres Famous Winner ETV (Famous), Caroline & Leann Keith
3rd: Twin Gate Sammi (Kade), Earl F Bursiek Family
Senior 3 Year Old (3)
1st: Terra Rose Cliff Shasta (Cliff), Adele Biasini
2nd: Hills Valley Carter Flirty ET (Carter), Peter Vail
3rd: Jaden Flash Capture (Flash), Hayden Hauschildt

4 Year Old (6)
1st: Random Luck Victory Rose (Victor), Allison & Matthew Thompson
2nd: Rosey D Famous Pie (Famous), Richard Thompson
3rd: Cutting Edge RL T Fire ETV (Harts Thunder), B Tucker and H, E & K Jones
5 Year Old (6)
1st: Latimore Seaman Tuffgirl (Seaman), Zac Logan
2nd: Double Star DD Clare (Daredevil), John Billings, Double W & Knapp Genetics
3rd: Stein-Way Dynamite 1019 (Dynamite), Damon Bertke

Aged Cow (6)
1st: SS Debs 929 (SS Debs Show), Landen Knapp
2nd: Random Luck B Talented (Braiden), Matthew Thompson & Payton Van Schyndle
3rd: Northkill Creek Groovy (Harts Thunder), Hannah Balthaser
Component Merit Cow (2)
1st: Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie (Dundee), Hadleigh, Ezra & Kenna Jones and Kelly Jo Manion
2nd: Fairdale Total Cali ET (Total), Emily Goode

Senior Best Three Females (2)
1st: Hayden Hauschildt
2nd: Richard Thompson

Premier Breeder:  Wayne Sliker
Premier Exhibitor:  Richard Thompson

National Show Reports

2023 Southeast

Production Awards

5 Year Old
Stein-Way Dynamite 1019
4-02 305d 22,030M 1,023F 744P
ECM: 26,143
Damon Bertke

Aged Cow
SS Debs 929
7-00 305d 31,450M 1,553F 1,201P
ECM: 39,583
Landen Knapp

Component Cow
Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie
5-11 305d 26,511M 1,175F 878P
ECM: 30,602
H, E & K Jones & Kelly Jo Manion

Type & Production Award
Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie
ECM: 43,896
H, E & K Jones & Kelly Jo Manion

Total Performance Cow
Dutch-Marie Dundee Allie
155,522 ECM Lifetime
288 Points
H, E & K Jones & Kelly Jo Manion