National Junior Heifer Show

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National Junior Heifer Show 2022

The BS National Junior Heifer Show was held June 10, 2022, at The Ranch in Loveland, CO. Keith Maxey, Greely, CO, served as the judge of the Showmanship classes.  Trish Cobb, Perkins, OK, was judge for the heifer show.


L-R:  Judge Trish Cobb; Kelsey Erf; Tatum & Gunner Copeland; William Erf; 2022 Brown Swiss Ambassador Erin Armitage.

Junior Champion

Random Luck Carter Present ET (Carter), 1st Fall Yearling,

Kelsey Erf, Oakdale, MN

Reserve Junior Champion

Kruses Acc C Jenesis ETV (Carter), 1st Fall Heifer Calf,

Tatum Copeland, Collinsville, OK

Honorable Mention Junior Champion

Edge View C Belle ETV (Carter), 2nd Fall Heifer Calf,

Kelsey Erf, Oakdale, MN

Best Bred & Owned

R5 Rampage Novalee (Rampage), 1st Summer Yearling,

Tatum Copeland, Collinsville, OK

Senior Showmanship

1 Kelsey Erf, Oakdale, MN

2 William Erf, Oakdale, MN

3 Jenna Van Holland, Garretson, SD

4 Awna Hirsch, Eaton, CO

5 Rhyse Campion, Longmont, CO

6 Kendyl Lair, Agra, OK

7 Kyle Duncan, Lyons, CO

Intermediate Showmanship

1 Amber Olson, Boulder, CO

2 Brayden Carpio, Kersey, CO

3 Saidie Wright, Loyal, OK

4 Jalyn Archer, Wray, CO

Junior Showmanship

1 Brielle Upchurch, Longmont, CO

2 Mia Forman, Loyal, OK

3 Tatum Copeland, Collinsville, OK

4 Kili Brewer, Kersey, CO

5 Gunner Copeland, Collinsville, OK