Eastern National Junior Show

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2023 Eastern National Junior Show

Harrisburg, PA  |  September 18, 2023
Judge: Ryan Krohlow, WI
99 Head Shown


Junior Show Junior Champion: Mases Manor Lethal Weapon, 1st Spring Yearling, Makenna Mase
Junior Show Reserve Junior Champion: Kourlyn Carter Starlight ETV, 2nd Spring Yearling, Kourtney Bell

Junior Show Intermediate Champion: Colebrook Creek DT Alina, 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Abigail Wilber
Junior Show Reserve Intermediate Champion: Jenlar FC WindMill, Summer Junior 2 Year Old, B Jackson and B & G Hill

Junior Show Senior Champion: Northkill Creek Groovy, 1st Aged Cow, Hannah Balthaser
Junior Show Reserve Senior Champion: Mases Manor Grandslam Love, 2nd Aged Cow, Makenna Mase

Junior Show Grand Champion: Northkill Creek Groovy, Senior Champion, Hannah Balthaser
Junior Show Reserve Grand Champion: Mases Manor Grandslam Love, Reserve Senior Champion, Makenna Mase


Spring Calf (14)
1st: Pa Lyn-Leigh T Swift ET (Premium), Kaleigh Hartman
2nd: Northkill Creek Grandslam Twin (Design), Hannah Balthaser
3rd: Breeze Ridge F Diana ETV (Foremost), Chloe Setzenfand
Winter Calf (21)
1st: TopGun C Tickle My Pickle (Carter), Emily Fisher
2nd: Brothers Three DLX Wynnie ETV (Delux), Reid Tanis
3rd: BellValley Pistol Humdinger (Pistol), Brynlee Deeter
Fall Calf (16)
1st: Blessing Garbro F Whitney (Famous), Katelyn Taylor
2nd: Way Lyn Famous Paris (Famous), Kyle Johnson
3rd: IE Four Seasons KS Sequin (Kickstart), Josh Fry

Summer Yearling (12)
1st: Northkill Creek Get Groovy (Carter), Hannah Balthaser
2nd: Champion View Bosephus HipHop (Bosephus), Ellie Widerman
3rd: Way Lyn Pistol Halo (Pistol), Madison Doyle
Spring Yearling (7)
1st: Mases Manor Lethal Weapon (Secret Weapon), Makenna Mase
2nd: Kourlyn Carter Starlight ETV (Carter), Kourtney Bell
3rd: Hell Hollow WF Lethal (WinningFormula), Chase Burkhart
Winter Yearling (7)
1st: Breeze Ridge Pickles (Bosephus), Zoe Lasley
2nd: Lehearth Famous Someday (Famous), Nolan Kummer
3rd: Northkill Creek Ghost Town (Richard), Hannah Balthaser
Fall Yearling (4)
1st: Mases Manor Make Me Famous (Famous), Makenna Mase
2nd: FiddlerGenetics Thun Shimmer ETV (Thunder), Remington Long
3rd: CIE Harbro Dynamite Taylor (Dynamite), Jillian Bond

Summer Junior 2 Year Old (2)
1st: Jenlar FC WindMill (First Choice), Brody Jackson and Blake & Garrett Hill
2nd: Miss Famous Maryland (Famous), Grace Strite
Senior 2 Year Old (8)
1st: Riddle Me This GA Lavender (GameChanger), Hayden Weaver
2nd: Giesy Manor Tenacious Moonbeam (Tenacious), Lilana Williams
3rd: Stox Martini Twist Twin (Martini), Trey William Daubert

Junior 3 Year Old (1)
1st: Colebrook Creek DT Alina (Dynamite), Abigail Wilber
Senior 3 Year Old (1)
1st: IE Northkill Creek 729 (Daredevil), Hannah Balthaser

4 Year Old (1)
1st: Love Haven Rasta Riley (Rasta), Grace Spadaro
5 Year Old (1)
1st: Laurel-Brook Winning Quest (WinningFormula), Hannah King

Aged Cow (3)
1st: Northkill Creek Groovy (Harts Thunder), Hannah Balthaser
2nd: Mases Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam), Makenna Mase
3rd: Cerenity Brookings Talia (Brookings), Riley Thompson

National Show Reports

2023 Eastern Nat'l

 Junior Show


Aged Cow
Northkill Creek Groovy
5-02 305d 29,700M 1,175F 977P
ECM: 32,402
Mark & Hannah Balthaser