Nominations and Winners

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All-American Contest

2022 Brown Swiss All American Program

The All American Program recognizes the outstanding animals exhibited at state and national shows during the current calendar year.

Classes for the All American contest include Spring Heifer Calves, Winter Heifer Calves, Fall Heifer Calf, Summer Yearling Heifer, Spring Yearling Heifer, Winter Yearling Heifer, Fall Yearling Heifer, Yearling in Milk, Summer Junior Two Year Old, Junior Two Year Old, Senior Two Year Old, Junior Three Year Old, Senior Three Year Old, Four Year Old, Five Year Old, Aged Cow, and Component Merit. Group classes included in the program are Junior Best Three Females, Senior Best Three Females, and Produce of Dam.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and congratulations to all the Nominees & Winners!

2022 All Americans & Nominations

Placings Owner Animal Name
Spring Calf    
  Cole & Carter Kruse Birdsallway Famous Nell ET
HON Hayleigh Geurink & Kelvin Webster Black-Ridge R Look My Way
RES Zoe Lasley Breeze Ridge FP SindyLou
  William Erf Curvecrest Phouse Snowfall
  Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Phantom Nikita
AA Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Rasta Tricky
Winter Calf    
AA Brown Heaven Brown Heaven Ant Sister Dally
  Leslie Bruchey Edge View R Windsor ETV
RES Hills Valley Farm Hills Valley Pball Whopper
  Gary Lee Mase Meadow Hill Famous Bourbon
HON Joseph Opsal & Peter Vail Opsal-J Pop A Bottle
  Emily & Amy Yeiser Twinkle-Hill T Amberlei ETV
Fall Calf    
  Brianna Meyer Jenlar Rasta Wissota ETV
  Billie Jo Rhodes Jenlar Rasta Wyoming ETV
AA Joseph Opsal Opsal-J Fuel My Fire
  Kassidy, Ashlynn, Delaney & Ryleigh Oliger Random Luck Seaman Toppit
RES Nikole & Kelsi Steffenhagen Stef-N Famous Kelsi ETV
HON Aaron Johnson & Beth Nelson Xtreme Norwin Teardrop ETV
Summer Yearling    
  Dylan & Cameron Ryan Hi-View Rampag Pixiestix
  Joshua Fry IE Four Seasons Fancy Starr
HON Peter Vail Knapp Woody Pamela
  Brilynn Schanbacher Mil Neu Can Due Goliath
RES Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Phantom Kristine
AA Jacob Harbaugh & Matthew Thompson Random Luck Total Perfection
Spring Yearling    
HON Daniel, Nevaeh, Emmet & Tye Chupp Acclaimed Rasta Incense ETV
  Blessing Farm, Garrison Brothers, Landree & Dakota Fraley Blessing Garbro Famous Fire
  Delbert & Heather Yoder Brook Hollow Total Please Me
AA Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Daredevil Kyla ET
  Nathan Johnson Prairie Haven Marigold
RES Tristen Hans Ostrom Spots Pride Play It Again
Winter Yearling    
AA Blessing Farm & Garrison Brothers Blessing Garbro F Patrice ETV
  Brianna, Austin, Abby Meyer Jenlar Carter Wildfire ETV
  Peter Vail Opsal-J Dynamite Paparazzi
HON Fred Mathys & Donna Harp R Hart All-Star 249 Ritzy
  Ken Main, Kenny Joe Manion & Brittany Thompson RMD-Dotterer W Taylor ET
RES Preston Welling Vir Kar J Tequila Topeka
Fall Yearling    
  Delbert & Heather Yoder Brook Hollow Norwin Mischief
  Peter Vail Kruses Carter Jive ETV
AA Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Diego Kashmere ET
  Kinley Topp Rager Bros Dynamite Nugget
HON Christopher & Hilary Voegeli VB HJ CV Can-Due Barbie
RES Landree & Dakota Fraley Wright-Way Famous Tik Tok ET
Junior Best Three    
  Blessing Farms & Garrison Brothers Blessing Farms & Garrison Brothers
  Delbert & Heather Yoder Delbert & Heather Yoder
RES Joseph Opsal Joseph Opsal
AA Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Genetics
  Armbruster Bros Farm Armbruster Bros Farm
HON Emily & Amy Yeiser Emily & Amy Yeiser
Yearling in Milk    
  William Erf Curvecrest K Bouquet
  Jill & Taylor Bonow Daveco Richard Florence
AA Donald Graft & Family Edge View D Waverly ETV
RES Mountain View Meadows BS Ritchie View Dare Bel Jingles
HON Adele Biasini Shiloh F Martini Honey
  Elizabeth Byers-Doten Top Acres Carter Worthy ETV
Summer Junior 2 Year Old    
AA Aaron Olson 8th Day Ryanns GW Rhyme
  Ken Main & Amelia Somers Bo Shona Doboy Hermione
  Cal-Ticino Brown Swiss & Steve and Brenda Maddox DJ Norwin Cheyenne
HON Hills Valley Farm & Lynn Telaak Hills Valley LT WDY Darling
  Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion Hilltop Acres R Willa ETV
  Hayden Hauschildt Jaden R Noty Nurse
RES Voegeli Farms V B Bank It Zest
Junior 2 Year Old    
  Michala Kuhlman A Joy CP Snow White
RES Brown Heaven Brown Heaven Genox Jeaverissa
  Brett Chapman Chapmans Dynamite Dakota
AA Josh & Samantha Fairbanks Fairholm Norwin Kenzee
  Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion Hills Valley Carter Viola
HON Ron & Nicole Wussow Twinkle-Hill Dyn Dippy 1458
Senior 2 Year Old    
AA Ken Main Cutting Edge N Shrill ETV
HON Peter Vail Hills Valley Carter Flirty ET
  Ryland, Brayton & Camdyn Nierman Hilltop Acres DD Jade
  Magen Busker Meier Meadows Norw Felicity
  Adele Biasini Terra Rose Cliff Shasta
RES Ken Main Twin Hollow Daredevil Blue
Junior 3 Year Old    
  Bridget Achterberg Arthurst Kade Panda NP
  Brown Heaven Brown Heaven Sal Fallen
AA Fairdale Farm LLC Hilltop Acres DYNMT Daphnie ET
HON Cole & Carter Kruse Kruses LJ Fab Skylar ET
  Allison Thompson Random Luck Victory Rose
RES Kaylee Cherry RNR Durham Ally
Senior 3 Year Old    
  Brown Heaven & MilkSource LLC Brown Heaven Carter Falby ET
HON Peter Vail Buschs Famous Jenna
RES Mountain View Meadows BS Ritchi View Nuck Hum Dinger
AA Tony Kohls & Goldfawn Farm Robland Norwin Bermuda ET
  Seth Nehls Seths Carter Petra ET
  Grant Voelker Voelkers Bush Aggie ETV
4 Year Old    
  Brown Heaven Brown Heaven Biver Frenchkiss
RES Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion Cutting Edge F Faroh ETV
HON John Billing, Double W Dairy & Knapp Genetics Double Star DD Clare
AA Ryland, Brayton & Camdyn Nierman Johann Carter Dartmouth
  Leslie & Linda Bruchey Siegerts Damian Pinapple
  Woodwind Farm WF Biver Northernlights ET
5 Year Old    
  Peter Vail Arethusa Northern Lights
  Brian Pacheco Brown Heaven Carter Tutti
HON Brian Pacheco Iroquois Acres Total Candy
  Travis Richardson Jo-Dee Kingpin RamRod
AA Hannah & Mark Balthaser Northkill Creek Groovy
RES Aaron Johnson & Beth Nelson Pit-Crew WF Twilite-ET
Aged Cow    
  Knapp Genetics Chapmans Bush Lindy 1507
AA Ken Main & Kenny Joe Manion Cutting Edge Thunder Faye
RES Brian Pacheco Iroquois Acres Jong Cali
  Matthew Thompson & Payton Van Schyndly Random Luck B Talented
HON Landen Knapp SS Deb 929
  Rebecca Korth Triangle Acres Pandora ET
Component Merit    
  Brent Caffee Bless-Caff Cadence Snowflake
  Allan Brisson Cutting Edge CP Margo
HON Ronald Kelm Cutting Edge Stratus Sue
RES Emily Goode Fairdale Total Cali ET
AA Matthew & Allison Thompson Random Luck B Tea Rose
  Richard Thompson Random Luck Oh-Mhy Tipsy
Senior Best Three    
  A Joy Swiss A Joy Swiss
AA Brown Heaven Brown Heaven (B)
RES Ken Main & Peter Vail Ken Main & Peter Vail
HON Iroquois Acres Iroquois Acres
  Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Genetics
  Richard Thompson Richard Thompson
Produce of Dam    
AA Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion & Emmett Smithling Ken Main and Kenny Joe Manion & Emmett Smithling
  Just So Farm Just So Farm
  Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Genetics (A)
HON Pit-Crew Genetics Pit-Crew Genetics (B)
RES Elise Bleck Elise Bleck