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Online Database Tips

Congratulations to all the breeders who have signed up for the Online Database system.  Using the online system is much more efficient for registrations.

As with any program, new users have some questions. To help answer some of those questions, check out these Online Tips.

  1. New users - you must contact the BSCBA office to register your User ID and Password. To access the database your user ID and password must be entered on the database system by office staff. Just call the office at 608- 365-4474 to sign up.
  2. BSA herds - Enter your herdcode immediately. As soon as you log in and select Open or Post Order, you must enter your herdcode (8 digits, no spaces, no dashes) for the BSA rates (including free registrations) to apply. You cannot go back and enter this code later. If you forgot, close that order and begin over. Then select Open Order with the button at the bottom.
  3. Registration of ET or ETV calves - An Embryo ID number is required. You must enter the embryo ID number in the corresponding field and select Embryo Transplant or IVF Embryo Transplant on the drop-down multiple birth menu for the system to add the correct suffix (ET or ETV) to the animal's name and perform the corresponding appropriate edits.
  4. Sire or Dam Registration Number - if an 840 number, you must select United States 840 in the Nation Drop Down Arrow field.  If a foreign sire is used, you must select the correct country for that animal.
  5. Breeder/Owner customer numbers fill automatically. The Breeder, Original Owner and Current Owner customer ID's will fill automatically from the stored information on the animal’s dam upon hitting the Update key.
    Do NOT enter any information unless registering an RF or ID animal. For IDR animals it will also fill automatically.  Only for RF and ID animals should you enter your customer number, i.e. WI2000, not your name.
  6. Submit Order - when finished entering registration data, Click Update to verify data, then click the Register button.  After the last animal, you must go to Open & Post Order (on the left) and then hit SUBMIT ORDER. Until you do this, the order remains open and is not accessible to office staff to complete processing and printing of the certificates.

If you do have a problem, do not close the order. Please contact the office at 608-365-4474. A staff member will be happy to help you.

We hope these TIPS will make your next online session a smoother experience.

You must have an order open before you can do any registrations or pedigrees. First you click on "Open or Post Order". This opens the order screen. It does not open an order. At this point, if you are a BSA herd you must enter your herd code immediately. Then you must (click) OPEN ORDER. Only if you had left a previous order open, would you select View Orders to continue with that order. You must see an order number at the top of the screen message in the tip box that Order is Open. Now you are ready to Register an animal or run a pedigree.

Once you have entered the necessary information (Sex, Birth date, Embryo ID - if ET or ETV, Visible ID - tattoo or AIN, Sire ID, Dam ID, and Name) always select UPDATE first as the system does several edits (checks) - check the top box for any errors or problems, then if error free, select REGISTER.  Do not skip the Update option.

When finished - You must Submit (Post) your order when finished registering or running pedigrees to allow the office staff to finish processing your order and mail the resulting certificates or pedigrees. Normally you do NOT want to leave an order open as you may forget to go back and complete and submit that order.   If you know there is a mistake on your order, please call the national office to fix the issue while the order is still open.   External orders open over a certain period of time will automatically be closed.

If anyone still has questions, someone else probably has the same question. Send or email your questions or comments to the National Office. Answers will be responded to and may be published here.

Database Instructions

This is the web address for the database is:
or you can click on one of the square cow face database links on the Brown Swiss website. 

Logging In

Click the Brown Swiss radio button and Enter your login and password.

Note: IN THIS SYSTEM YOU NEVER USE THE ENTER KEY.   You can use the tab key or mouse to advance from login to password.

You must use your mouse to move to the “Login” on the bottom of the page.  This will give you “Success” in the top box.

In the Maroon Box on the left you will see Main Menu, click on that.  You will get two options:  Reports and Open or Post Order.

Running Reports

Reports are not hard to use. Try them out! All Reports are free and offer a wealth of information.

Click on the underlined report you want to see. Select your options in the white boxes. All Reports with the exception of the “Cow Evaluation List” have default selection criteria. As you work with the reports, you will discover many ways to manipulate the parameters to create different sets of information you may be interested in. After you select your options, click on “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Towards the top of the Yellow section next to “Run Reports” an underlined report name will appear. Click on this to you see your report. To return to the “Reports” page, use your Back button. When finished with Reports, click on BS Home towards the top on the left side of the page.


To Register Animals or Order Pedigrees, You MUST first open a work order.

Click on Open and Post Order in the maroon bar on the left.  You do not need to do this to see the reports.

NOTE:  If you are on the BS Advantage program, it is important to enter your DHI herd code in the box next to Herd each time you open an order. You need to enter the herdcode before you open the order. This allows the system to assign the appropriate BSA fees. After your herd code is in the Herd Box (BSA members only), then proceed to opening the order.

Continue to the bottom of the Yellow box and click on the gray box “Open Order”. Your order must be in Entry mode to order pedigrees.  At the top it will say "Success". Next to “Order Number” you will see an order number (B000xxxxx).

Ordering Pedigrees

To order pedigrees, click on Create Pedigrees in the left hand Maroon box. An order page will open where you can enter the animal(s)' registration number(s).  You have 3 pedigree-type choices:  3gen, Official, Skeleton

To be able to print from home (after you post your order), click on 3gen (low-cost, unofficial performance pedigree) or skeleton (6-gen ancestry-only pedigrees). "Official pedigrees cost more and can only be printed and sent from the national office; you cannot print them yourself. BSA members get a free unofficial 3gen with an online registration or can order other unofficial 3gens for a reduced fee. The skeleton pedigrees (6-generations of names and registration numbers only) are free when ordered externally. 

Make sure to select the correct sex; the default is female and needs to be changed to create a male pedigree.  You must also select the correct country if ordering pedigrees on non-US animals that in our system.  When entering 15-digit 840 numbers, you need to select United States 840 (down one arrow) instead of the default United States.

After you have put in the animal’s registration numbers and click on “Submit These Animals for Processing”, the box at the top will display “Success” and the name of the animals will be listed to the right next to their numbers. NOTE:  Once the names of the animals appear, do not hit the submit for processing button again as this will generate another set of the pedigrees and double charge you.  If you need to order additional pedigrees on this order, click on the "open and post order" in the left hand column, and then select “Create Pedigree” again.

NOTE: Always check the box at the top which indicates “Success” or displays “Unable to process your request - Please verify animals ID”.  In most cases, this will mean that you probably did not change the sex box or if entering an 840 number, you did not change the country to United States 840.

After all the pedigrees are generated for your order, go back to Open and Post Order in the Maroon box on the left and click on the gray box “Submit Order” at the bottom of the page on the left in the yellow section.  The message box at the top should read, “Order Number Posted Successfully”.

IMPORTANT:  TO ACCESS YOUR PEDIGREES, YOU MUST CLICK ON "VIEW ORDERS" AFTER THE “ORDER NUMBER POSTED SUCCESSFULLY” APPEARS IN THE BOX. This step is the one that has caused the most confusion for people new to the system.

If you have more than one order posted that we have not yet processed in the office, a new page will appear. In the yellow section of the page to the left of the order that you want, click on the gray box that has “Find” in it. Using this “Find” will bring up that order.

After you have done this, then go to Work Order Line Item in the left hand Maroon box and click on it. This will take you to a page that will show you the name of the animals underlined, click on one of those and it will bring up that pedigree. You may then print the pedigree on your printer or save the pdf pedigree to your computer.  NOTE:  You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer for this to function. 

After you are done with that pedigree, use the “Back” button on your computer to return to your order.  Repeat for each pedigree in your order.

When you are done with your order, exit the database or click on either Open and Post Order in the Maroon box on the left of the page or BS Home at the top left hand part of the page to access other options.

Before you register a calf, make sure that you have an order open. If you have posted your order, you will have to open a new order. Once you have an order open, to register click on Register Animal in the left hand Maroon column. This will bring up the page for registration.

NOTE: While it does say Registration and Transfer above the Create Pedigrees, only office personnel are allowed to transfer ownership for animals. Transfers continue to require signed applications in the office.

Directions from the top of the page:


  1. The Registration Date is automatically filled in.
  2. Make sure you have the right sex. The default is “F” for female. If you are registering a bull, you need to change this box to “M”.
  3. Fill in the date of birth.
  4. The next box is to distinguish between registering live or dead animals. The default is for live. If you are registering a dead animal, you must change this box.
  5. If you are registering a calf resulting from an embryo, YOU MUST FILL IN THE EMBRYO ID BOX WITH THE CORRECT ID NUMBER RECEIVED FOR THE STRAW YOU USED from your certificate of embryo identification. You cannot register a calf produced from an embryo without an embryo ID. If you are registering a calf produced from an embryo,  DO NOT FILL IN THE SIRE AND DAM INFORMATION FARTHER DOWN THE PAGE. The system automatically supplies that information. However, if either has an 840 reg number, you still need to change the country to United States 840 in the corresponding field. Also, the system will automatically add “ET or ETV” to the calf’s name. DO NOT PUT IN THE BREEDING DATE FOR EMBRYOS or enter the date 7 days before the implant date.
  6. The next box is for multiple births. If the calf you are registering is a single birth non-ET, you do not need to change this box. However, if the calf is from a multiple birth, you need to select twin, triplet, or quadIf you are registering a calf from an embryo, in this field you must select Embryo Transplant (adds ET to name) or IVF Embryo Transplant (adds ETV to name).
  7. The next two boxes are for ID. ID is either tattoos (preferred) OR Official AIN numbers from permanent NDHIA, National FAIR, CRI tag or tag from other licensed provider. NOTE: This number COULD also be the ANIMAL'S REGISTRATION NUMBER IF YOU ARE USING THE OFFICIAL TAGS. WE WILL RETURN TO THIS FARTHER DOWN THE PAGE. If you have any questions on this point, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE.
  8. Date dam bred if available. If you are registering an ET calf, please adjust accordingly. For instance if the embryo was implanted on June 8 put in June 1 (one week prior to implant date).
  9. Fill in either the sire's name in the box next to “Sire Search Name” or the sire's registration number in the box next to reg. NOTE: Using the sire’s registration number is quicker than using the name.  If an 840 number, you must select United States 840 for the Nation drop down arrow field.  If a foreign sire, you must select the appropriate country in the Nation field. NOTE: IF THE CALF IS A PRODUCT OF AN EMBRYO, DO NOT FILL IN THE SIRE OR DAM INFORMATION. However, if either has an 840 reg number, you still need to change the country to United States 840 in the corresponding field.
  11. DO NOT FILL IN THE BREEDER, ORIGINAL OWNER AND CURRENT OWNER BOXES WITH NOTED FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS. The system automatically supplies this information from the dam’s ownership status. The system also fills these fields in for embryos from the flush information.  The only time you supply the information in this section is when you are registering a Recorded Females (RF) out of a non-Brown Swiss dam OR registering an Identified Female (ID-Step I).  
    ** ONLY When entering information for an RF or ID where the dam is not already in the system, you will need to click the find button after you have entered all the information for the animal. Once you have done this, then you will be able to enter the customer number for the Breeder, Original Owner, and Current Owner. **
  12. If the animal has an Off Color Spot, change the OCS box to “YES” next to Color. If you change this box to YES, the system will automatically add “OCS” to the calf’s name.
  13. “AI Service” is not a required field; however, if you know, please provide the correct information, use ET if an embryo registration.
  14. If the animal is naturally polled, please select the correct item on the drop-down box.  The suffix NP should be added to the name.
  15. You do not need to do anything with “Breed’ or “Nation” (unless using an 840 number as the registration number).
  16. Fill in the name you want to use for your animal. BUT DO NOT enter Registered Prefixes or suffixes including ET or ETV, it will be done for you by the system.
    1. If the owner of the dam at the time of breeding has a Registered Prefix, that prefix will be added to the name automatically.  If it is not a registered prefix, it will need to be added.  ALWAYS CHECK THE NAME LISTED BELOW THE NAME FIELD AFTER YOU HIT UPDATE.
      1.  Please note that your prefix may not be registered with the national office. Or in some cases, a prefix may not actually have each person assigned who can use it, as in the case of family members. If you want someone added to your prefix, please let the national office know and we will take care of it. Other situations arise when an animal is owned by multiple people who have agreed to use a certain prefix.
    2. If the calf is an ET, ETV, OCS, TWIN, TRIPLET,  the appropriate suffix will be automatically supplied by the system providing you selected the correct options in each section.
  17. Leave the number box blank UNLESS you are registering an animal with a NATIONAL FAIR TAG OR OTHER Official AIN SUPPLIED TAG NUMBER such as an 840 tag and you wish to use it as the registration number. If you supplied an AIN number in the visible ID field above, fill in this box with the same complete number. (840 numbers are 15 digits and you must select United States 840 in the Nation field.)  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT IS THE SAME NUMBER with all 15 digits.
  18. At the bottom of the page, hit the “Update” button. This will fill in all the automatically supplied data, providing the system does not find any missing information or edits. The box at the top of the page will have “Success” in it if there are no edits required. If there are edit problems, the box will have a question or statement relating to the edit.
  19. Review the updated information to make sure that it is correct. (NOTE: PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE NAME below the name field.  IF PREFIX IS MISSING,  ADD THE PREFIX IN THE NAME BOX AND CLICK THE UPDATE BUTTON AGAIN. If prefix is doubled, remove the prefix from the name field and click the update botton again.)
  20. If you want a pedigree (fee), check pedigree box; however, if you are on the Brown Swiss Advantage program, you will automatically get an unofficial pedigree when you register online, you do not need to order one unless you need an official pedigree.
  21. If all information is correct, hit the gray box with “REGISTER” in it at the bottom of the page. NOTE: IF YOU NEED A RUSH, MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON THAT BOX. YOU WILL RECEIVE A MESSAGE TO CALL THE OFFICE SO THAT WE CAN PROCESS IT FOR YOU.
  22. At this time, a second level of edit checks is performed, including name length, gestation length, or if you supplied an AIN registration number. If the animal is accepted for registration “Success-Animal Number is *****” will appear in the success box at the top of the page. The number provided is the animal’s registration number. The rest of the screen will be blank and you can register the next animal.
  23. IF EDITS ARE REQUIRED, common edits at this point include the following:
    1. If the name is too long, make an adjustment in the “Name” box and hit “Update”, Check it, and then hit  “Register”.
    2. If get can't register for RULES - could mean there is another offspring too close to the birthdate, or gestation period is outside of the normal length range.
    3. If you supply an AIN number for the registration number, the box at the top of the page will have “Registration Number out of Range for Breed BS.” If this happens, at the bottom of the page on the right side a new gray button will appear with “Override” in it. This button will only appear when you see the above message in the top box. Use the “Override” button and the calf will be registered with the AIN number. You will get the “Success Animal Registered -Registration number" in message.

To post, follow the same steps as for posting pedigrees.

Click “Post Order” (bottom)

Click “View Orders” (bottom)

Click “find” button by order you want to view

Click “Work Order Line Item” (side bar)

Under the “Link” section, there will be the animal’s full name at least three times. One should be an underlined link, the “unofficial 3gen pedigree” that is free to BSA members with their online registration. Click on this link.

View pedigree, Print pedigree, or Save pdf pedigree to your computer.

Click “BACK” on your browser to return to the website.

Log Out when done.

Remember Brown Swiss Advantage members receive a free unofficial 3gen pedigree with their online registration.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 608-365-4474.