bullpen facts

(BS) - Brown Swiss (BB) - Baseball

“1970 - 1979”

Roberto Clemente’s final hit of the ‘72 season was the 3,000th of his fabled career. On New Year’s Eve that year, he dies in a plane crash while on a mission to bring relief aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. He is inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1973.
If you were in the dairy business on this day, you soon heard the shocking news of the tragic fire in the cattle barns at the North American Dairy Show, Columbus, Ohio. Miraculously, 1,467 animals and several hundred people escaped the fire with few injuries. Only one animal died in the fire and three others died of severe burns. Twelve people were injured.
Willie Mays completes an illustrious career with a record most career chances by a NL outfielder (7,290) as well as 660 home runs (3rd only to Aaron & Ruth). Barry Bonds, Willie’s godson, has recently taken over 3rd place.
National Headquarters receives a “facelift”. The renovation included sandblasting, painting, land fill, and repair work. In addition, local artist Mr. Ted Benedict of Beloit painted the large billboard which is still today positioned on the north end of the building, identifying the Brown Swiss Association. As indicated in the 30’s review, the sign was repainted by Tena Cobb in the late ‘80’s.
Hank Aaron becomes the all-time career Home Run King, as he hits his 715th round tripper off Al Dowing of the Dodgers, surpassing Babe Ruth’s 39-year record. In 1975, Aaron also breaks Babe Ruth’s career RBI record of 2211.
May 24 marked the end of the reign of one of the longest continuous herds in the U.S. It was 85 years ago that Mr. Francis F. Kinney purchased one bull and 6 females from W. R. Fish of Mystic, CT. In 1908, his two sons, Warren and Morris, purchased the farm. Lee’s Hill became one of the best well-known herds in the country. On June 15, 1938, Vernon Hull became herd manager and helped build this dynasty. In February 1975, Warren Kinney passed away and willed the herd to Vernon Hull. On May 24, the Lee’s Hill Dispersal brought this great herd to a close.
Reggie Jackson becomes “Mr. October” as he leads the Yankees to the World Series Championship by hitting 5 home runs in the series and 3 in the decisive game 6. No one since Babe Ruth had hit 3 home runs in a series game.
1979 (BS) Arbor Rose Stretchy Spicey became the new high-selling female of the breed on May 25 as the first animal sold in the St. John Dairy Dispersal at Glendale, AZ. Making the final bid at $25,000 was Hunziker Red Boots Farm, Kohoka, MO.