bullpen facts

(BS) - Brown Swiss (BB) - Baseball

“1950 - 1959”

1950 (BS) The following notice was published in the Feb. 1950 Bulletin, “After March 1, 1950, the national Brown Swiss Association office at Beloit will not be open on Saturdays.”
12-1950 (BS) Marvin L. Kruse becomes Western Fieldman and begins a long and industrious career with the Brown Swiss Association.
7-1952 (BS)

Norma Weber begins typing registrations at 18 years of age and continues to process registrations via computer today. She has probably processed 700,000 of the 940,000 Brown Swiss cows ever registered.

Willie Mays makes perhaps the greatest defensive play ever when he catches a blast with his back to the ball in deep centerfield hit by Vic Wertz.
Al Kaline of the Detroit Tigers becomes the youngest batting champion at age 20 with a .340 average.
Yankee pitcher Don Larsen pitches his unprecedented World Series perfect game at Yankee Stadium.
The inaugeral Cy Young Award goes to NL MVP pitcher Don Newcombe, who finishes 27-7 for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Acceptance of electronically processed DHIA records as DHIR.
The best year for registrations ever as 22,599 cows and 25,667 total Brown Swiss are registered.