Brown Swiss are known for
dairy strength

Originating in the Swiss Alps, Brown Swiss adapt well to high altitudes and hot or cold climates, while producing large volumes of milk, ideal for cheese-making. Their unique ability to yield high components with an ideal fat-to-protein ratio sets them apart from other dairy breeds. 

Correct feet and legs, well-attached udders and dairy strength contribute to their exceptional productive life, allowing them to thrive in any modern dairy set-up. Style, balance and fancy frames also make Brown Swiss easy winners at county, state, national and international shows.


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The Brown Swiss Association was established in 1880, registers about 10,000 animals per year and serves about 1800 combined adult and junior members. It is governed by a 10-person board of directors elected by and from the membership.

BSCBA Mission Statement... To promote and expand the Brown Swiss breed with programs that assist the membership and industry to compete favorably in the market place now and in the future.

Today’s U.S. breeders have built upon the breed’s rich heritage to develop a worldwide demand for their cattle in both the show ring and commercial dairy herd. 

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Vin Vic Dispersal, Cal & Vicki Wessel, Platteville, WI

Rescheduled to May 30-31, 2020
Midwest Spring Show, Fairgrounds, Monroe, WI

May 30, 2020 - Cancelled
Mid-Atlantic Calf Sale, Frederick, MD

June 1, 2020 - Extended to August 1
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June 8, 2020    7pm Eastern
Bright Futures Elite Embryo Auction
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July 28, 2020  10:30
Shiloh Dairy Brown Swiss Dispersal
Great Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac, WI
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Breeder Profile

A Brown Swiss Niche in the Arizona Desert

By Melissa Hart, Dairy Agenda Today, Brown Swiss Bulletin

He sold his commercial dairy in 2012 and was ready to embark on a different career when one meeting changed Rick Anglin’s direction.
Rick and Kristin Anglin own and operate Fond du Lac Farms in Arizona.

“After I sold the cows, I had plenty of time to think about things. I was invited to a dairy exchange meeting and there I met with a processor from the Midwest,” and that changed the trajectory of Fond du Lac Farms. After his visit with the processor, Rick stayed up late that night, crunching numbers and creating a budget for his on-farm milk-processing operation. After getting his wife, Kristin, on board, Anglin decided that if he was going to process his own milk, he would do it as a raw milk processor with Brown Swiss cattle and his plans were set in motion. Since July of 2014, Rick and Kristin Anglin have owned and operated Fond du Lac Farms as a raw milk dairy in Casa Grande, Arizona.

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